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Spanish customs clearance requirements

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-03-13
Send express toSpainThere can be multiple channels, and the four international express and EMS are all available, including DHL, of course.
Spain is located at the border between Europe and Africa and is a member of the European Union and NATO. The country’s economy is well-developed and its main exports are mainly automobiles, steel products, chemical products, leather products, textiles, wine, and olive oil. The main trading partners are the European Union, Asia, Latin America and the United States.
Spanish import requirements
Spain is a member of the European Union. Therefore, products exported to Spain must comply with CE certification.
CE certification, which is limited to products that do not endanger the basic safety requirements of humans, animals and goods, rather than the general quality requirements, the coordination directive only specifies the main requirements, the general directive requirements are the standard tasks.
CE certification basically applies to the export of all electrical and electronic products.
Spanish customs clearance requirements
1, the value of more than 22 euros, or between the private value of more than 45 euros, all require the formal clearance of imports to Spain.
2. If the value of textiles or swatches is more than 22 Euros or the weight exceeds 10 kg, the consignor needs to provide a certificate of origin.
3. Non-European parcels, if destinations are Ceuta, Canary Island, Andorra and Melilla, Spain, shipments of high-value goods (over 22 Euros or 10 kg) are not allowed, and all high-value goods destined for these places will be Return to the place of delivery and will generate a document handling fee of $38.5.
4. If the parcel arrives 20 days later (calculated from ETA), it has not been released by the customs, and the parcel will be returned to the place of delivery, generating a $38.5 handling fee. Parcels cannot be abandoned or destroyed at customs.
5. China's bicycles exported to Spain will be subject to high tariffs and value-added taxinternation sea freight to spain