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Southeast Asia Routes - Provide Better Delivery Services

  • Author:Anna
  • Release Date:2018-05-08
  Shenzhen Sunny Worldwide Logistics Co., Ltd. specializes in Southeast Asian shipping routes, sea-to-door through the entire counter, provides Yangming Shipping, TSLINE, WHL and other advantageous owner's booking service, and the shipping route is Port Klang (Port Kelang). ) – Singapore (Singapore) – Jakarta – Surabaya – Panjang – Jakarta – Port Kelang cruising for a total of 14 days to strengthen the route’s competitiveness and provide Customers have better route services, have faster timeliness, lower prices, and can serve as destinations for customs clearance.
  In South East Asia, the Southeast Asia route also launched high-quality Southeast Asia Shuangqing-to-door service, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The channel is stable and mature, and customers are free from worry. Welcome inquiry booking, to provide you with fast and accurate quotation service.
  Our company's sales and customer service team has many years of operational experience in Southeast Asia routes, according to different customers to develop a different logistics solutions to ensure that the goods arrived on time.
The company's business scope includes:
1. Shenzhen / Hong Kong / Pearl River Delta started in Southeast Asia's basic port and all partial ports of the entire cabinet shipping services.
2. Shenzhen started the bulk cargo consolidation services to the basic ports of Southeast Asia and all the partial ports.
3. Southeast Asian destination port clearance and one-stop service