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South Santos Port of Santos strikes again to protest violent incidents

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  • Release Date:2018-08-10
Brazil this yearportWorkers, as well as trailer drivers, have been on strike many times, it is reported thatSouth America's largest port, SantosRecently, strikes and protests have occurred again, the port security level has risen, and goods have been delayed.

It is reported that the port's loading and unloading workers have launched a three-day strike action and the goods will be delayed. However, since the strike is short-term, it is difficult to determine the exact time when the goods will be delayed. It is certain that the goods will be during this strike. It is delayed.

"All port users are tired of the frequent and repeated strikes this year and interrupted the business, so they have been silently convinced that there will be no more interruptions after the Brazilian presidential election in October," said a Santos freight company.

In addition, on August 1st, the 2,478 TEU container ship "MERCOSUL SUAPE" anchored at Datto Port of Santos was attacked by dock workers. The incident consisted of 5 union members and 2 dock workers. The loss of the ship is still unclear.

It is reported that the Santos Dock Workers Union announced that the strike was a negotiation of wages with the São Paulo Port Operators Union. The police said that the security level of the port has increased and seven perpetrators have been detained. The authorities are worried that other violent acts will occur during the three-day strike and protests. It is important to pay attention to Brazil when it comes to goods.

On the second day after the incident, the container ship "MERCOSUL SUAPE" left the port of Santos and went to the port of Itajai. On the other hand, there are cargoes shared by shipping companies such as Hapag-Lloyd, Taiping Shipping and Hamburg South America. The cargo loaded with the ship mainly pays attention to whether there is any damage to the attack and communicates with the shipping company in time.
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