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Shipping to Auckland New Zealand can not be delivered in the whole cabinet?

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-07-02

Recently, some colleagues are giving ZealandThe shipping container order can't be directly to the private address, why is this?

According to our New Zealand agent feedback, New Zealand's full container DDU / DDP shipping orders can not be sent to a private address.

It is necessary to find a warehouse near the dock to disassemble the cabinet, and then deliver it to the door with a truck.

But many people think that New Zealand roads are so wide, why can't they enter the trailer.

Because New Zealand is the most environmentally conscious, it is not allowed to have trailers into residential areas.

New Zealand If the consignee is a residential area, it is almost impossible to deliver the whole cabinet. Because there is a regulation in New Zealand, the Agriculture and Forestry Bureau does not allow international cabinets to enter the non-referent areas of New Zealand.

This is the regulation of the New Zealand Agriculture and Forestry Bureau. The government's regulations are not the regulations of the trailer company.

Therefore, the consignee is a personal residential area. The whole cabinet can only be pulled out from the dock, dragged to the designated site, and the cabinet can be removed and transported by truck.

Why can't New Zealand's delivery go to a private address? What is the Agriculture and Forestry Bureau?

1. New Zealand environmentally influential items are prohibited from entering the country, such as plants, plant seeds, unprocessed animal skins and original packaged goods.
New Zealand Customs needs inspection and quarantine, and there will be MAF inspection and quarantine at the customs supervision warehouse.
After the customs clearance, there will be MAF officials on-site quarantine, usually completed within an hour.

2. New Zealand's inspection department is called MAF, also known as the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. All personal items are subject to inspection by this department.

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