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Shipping LCL, do you understand?

  • Author:Anma
  • Release Date:2019-09-29
For international shipping services, some SME cross-border sellers may be subconsciously aware that this service they do not need. International shipping services are very affordable. Why do these SME cross-border sellers feel that they do not need such services? This may be because international shipping services are mainly goods that are bulky and bulky. For some SME cross-border sellers, their goods are rarely shipped in one time. However, I believe that there are also some cross-border sellers who want to use the sea to transport goods. After all, shipping charges are very affordable, which will greatly help reduce costs. In fact, if the goods are to be transported by sea, they may not only be able to take the services of the whole container. For cross-border sellers who have less cargo and want to take international seaborne goods, this is also a way to meet the needs of customers. In addition to shipping and shipping in the international maritime transport service, there is also sea freight transport.

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What is the sea LCL transport service? Seaborne LCL refers to the sorting of the carrier (or agent) according to the nature and destination of the goods after the carrier (or agent) accepts the small amount of the consignment of the consignor. Concentrate the goods to the same destination into a certain number of boxes. LCL is referred to as LCL in English. Since the goods of different cargo owners in a box are assembled together, they are called LCL. This situation is used when the number of shipments of the owner is insufficient to fill the entire container. The sorting, sorting, concentration, packing (unpacking), and delivery of LCL goods are carried out at the carrier's terminal container freight station or inland container transfer station. Therefore, for some goods, the weight is heavier, but if you choose international air transport or international express delivery service, the freight is very high, then here, I suggest that you can choose the shipping LCL service, after all, the shipping cost of shipping LCL is lower than international air transport and international Express shipping. However, we can't just see the low cost of shipping LCL. At the same time, there is a certain disadvantage in shipping LCL. That is, the transportation aging is very slow compared to international air transportation and international express delivery. Basically, it is very slow. Basically, basically It takes a month to get to the destination. Therefore, although LCL is a good service that can help us reduce costs and gain more profit margins, we also need to choose the most suitable for our international logistics services according to the purpose of our needs.

Ok, the above is about the contents of the shipping LCL, have you got it?

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