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Shenzhen customs supervision warehouse before the declaration of warehousing

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-05-29
Dear Customer:
       Pick upShenzhen CustomsNotice, Shenzhen Customs will implement the policy of warehousing after declaration in the customs special supervision area, that is, any goods entering the supervised warehouse must be declared first, and the goods can be unloaded only after the customs system is released. At present, this policy has been implemented in special regulatory areas such as Yantian and Shekou.
In order to cooperate with the implementation of customs policies, to prevent drivers from waiting for unloading for a long time due to uncleared customs declaration, and to keep the vehicles under pressure during the night, etc. From today (May 26, 2018), our company requires that all goods entering the Shenzhen warehouse be placed before warehousing 1 Submit customs declaration data to our company for pre-declaration in advance. There are two ways to submit specific information:
1. Submit electronic version information through our paperless customs clearance system;
2. Please send the data to us through the express mail (please don't send paper information again if you have submitted the electronic version of the customs information).
The following are the warehousing notices after the customs clearance of the Shenzhen Pinghu Sinotrans warehouse. Please submit the customs declaration information in time so as not to delay the warehousing time.