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Successful prevention and treatment of foreign-related contract fraud cases

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide
  • Release Date:2018-09-21
According to the report of, yesterday (September 20th) morning, Chen Yongjun’s efforts in the market of the Economic Investigation Branch’s market brigade finally succeeded in pulling back a container worth more than 400,000 yuan from India and returning all the goods. To the relevant market operators, and received their unanimous praise and thanks

After in-depth investigation, the platform staff found more doubts, so immediately issued the warning information, and contacted the relevant business operators by phone to inform the company about the situation. In addition, they also contacted the Gonggong Public Exit and Exit Administration Bureau to do relevant related matters. jobs.

On July 18, 2018, Shaikh suddenly left the company. On July 23, the business owner who had not received the payment for part of the payment arrived at the Economic Investigation Bureau. Since Shaykh’s intention to escape after receiving the goods was obvious, the Economic Investigation Bureau accepted the intention. In this case, and immediately arranged for the police to actively pursue the goods.

According to statistics, the company involved in the case of nearly 2 million yuan, the number of business owners who have been canceled by the Economic Investigation Branch is 10, and there are 10 actual delivery operators, of which 4 households are still in the warehouse, involving the amount 350,000 yuan, all returned on the day of the case; 6 out of the container, the goods have been recovered and returned today, involving an amount of 400,000 yuan, the case was found to be proactive, the platform issued an early warning, seized the bill of lading, and recovered the loss 2 million yuan, and avoiding the possibility of further fraud by foreign businessmen, the city's business households are basically zero loss