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Shanghai Port implements emission control in advance and will be implemented immediately on October

  • Author:James
  • Source:Shun Tak Maritime Network
  • Release Date:2018-09-07
ShanghaiThe Maritime Safety Administration has previously issued a Notice of the Shanghai Municipal Maritime Safety Administration of Shanghai Municipal Maritime Safety Administration on the Implementation of the Emission Control Measures for Ships in Shanghai.

According to the circular, in order to promote the green development of Shanghai International Shipping Center, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and win the blue sky defense war, according to the Ministry of Transport, "Zhujiaojiao, Changjiaojiao, Bohai Sea (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei) waters ship discharge control zone Implementation Plan, the Office of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the Work Plan for the Implementation of the Ship Emission Control Area in Shanghai Port, and the Notice of the Shanghai Port Management Committee Office on Printing and Distributing the Transitional Plan for the Reduction of Ships in the Long Port Waters The document requested that the ship's emission control measures be implemented in advance at Shanghai Port.

According to the announcement, the following points are worth noting:

Since October 1, 2018, internationally voyage vessels and domestic coastal vessels should use fuel with a sulfur content of <0.5% m/m during driving and berthing in Shanghai Port.

Inland vessels and direct ships in rivers and seas should use diesel fuel that meets the standards.

Ships equipped with shore power receiving facilities shall use shore power during the docking of docks with shore power facilities.

Approved by the maritime administration, the ship may adopt alternative measures such as clean energy and exhaust gas after-treatment technology to meet emission control requirements. And desulfurization equipment can be used to meet reasonable requirements.

What is more humane is that the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration noticed that if the use of the low-sulfur fuel required by this notice poses a danger to the safety of the ship or that there is a situation in which it cannot effectively obtain the required low-sulfur fuel, the ship may The maritime administration proposes an exemption or exemption.
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