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Induction of the New Mode Switching of Seaport Export Manifests in Shanghai Port

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide
  • Release Date:2019-01-19
According to the report of, the friends at Shanghai Port have been a bit busy and a bit troublesome. The annual shipping season! High-priced cash cars, high drop-off fees, various congestion and explosions... This year, there is one more thing to add to everyone. Because the new manifest is switched on the line, many problems have come.

1. About the container number

Do not leak the container number in the pre-shipment manifest, do not make a mistake. If it is wrong or leaked, it will cause "arrival abnormality" or "not arrived". Everyone knows how to "send abnormally" and "not arrived". . . The box number can't be wrong, the box number can't be wrong, the box number can't be wrong! PS: If the box number is wrong, the pre-sale manifest cannot be directly changed. Only the pre-match manifest can be deleted. If the customs declaration has been declared, you must go to the on-site customs to apply for the customs declaration and then apply for the removal of the manifest.

2. About LCL

LCL release

All bills of lading must be released in the same container, and the total order can be released.

3. About container ticketing limit

The theoretical limit of container ticketing is 500 votes. It is recommended not to fight too much!

A simple math problem -

Q: For example, if a big ticket has a total of 100 votes, the check rate is 1%. Will the big ticket be checked?

A: Is this a problem?

Q: What should I do if I have not shipped the goods due to various reasons such as checking the goods for the time being?

A: The first time to handle the loading and unloading procedures.

Q: What if I don't handle the unloading in time?

A: The follow-up procedures are very troublesome and everyone knows. . .

4. About LCL

If the goods of the entire LCL container cannot be shipped due to one of the goods, please send the manifest transfer to the on-site customs for the first time to go through the formalities of loading and unloading. After the completion of the unloading procedures, do not forget to go through the relevant pre-sale manifests. Will affect the subsequent customs clearance of goods.

5. Regarding the case of “drop-off” application later than “tally report”

As the tally report has been generated, it is not possible to directly handle the unloading procedure. Please contact the terminal (the manifest sender) and delete the tally report from the terminal to the customs. After deleting the tally report, go through the loading and unloading procedures. If you need to send a tally report, you still need to contact the terminal to send a tally report.

6. Regarding the "loading manifest" later than the "tally report"

“Loading Manifest” is later than “Tally Report”, which will cause the tally to be abnormal and unable to be cleared normally.

Solution 1: Each manifest transfer person will check and verify the relevant situation as soon as possible, and go to the eighth floor of the Exchange Exchange as soon as possible to complete the tally resetting procedures;

Solution 2: Contact the terminal to delete the “Tally Report”, send the “Load Manifest”, and finally send the tally report. Important: Send the load manifest in time! ! !