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Russian mail import New deal: Extra 500 European parcels subject to tax

  • Author:James
  • Source:Billion Bang Power network
  • Release Date:2018-12-02
December 2, it was learned that after the change of customs legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union, Russia will, with effect from January 1, 2019, impose new restrictions on the import of Russian-exempt international goods by mail to private individuals.  For personal items that are mailed to Russia within one months: 1. No duty is levied if the total value of the goods does not exceed 500 euros and the total weight does not exceed 31 kg. 2. If the value of the goods exceeds 500 euros or weighs more than 31 kg, the tariff will be calculated as follows: a tax rate of more than 500 euros is 30%; the minimum cost per kg is 4 euros if the weight exceeds 31kg.