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How to improve the second reply rate of mail---Sunny Business School Training

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-06-23
Sunny School today invited Amway at Global Sources to give us training on how to improve the secondary response rate of emails.

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In the daily communication with customers, is it hard for the customer to often not reply to the e-mail, or does the customer not read back?

Of these, there are certainly many mysteries that you didn't understand. Today, Xiao Bian talks about how to improve the secondary response rate of mail.

First, we first think about why customers do not reply to your emails.

1). In the development letter, use RE in the mail header, or mail mark such as FW, the effect is negative!
Some customers have questions. I obviously didn't send you an email. Why is there a RE title? This seller is not honest.

2) Uses "luring" content such as: Best Price, Last Chance, 100% Free.
These are the words that are used very often in promotions, and are generally filtered out by the average customer. They are often seen as spam.

(3) What vocabulary is effective and good vocabulary?
[1] News
[2] Urgent/Breaking/Alert
[3] Sale Directly Say What Products You Sell
[4] Free delivery 
Products must be linked to transportation, such as sending samples for free, and customers will be interested when they look at it.

Second, it is best to clearly tell customers through the e-mail title, the products we sell, the selling points, our advantages and so on.

Third, we must analyze the customer. If there is an e-mail address, a company phone can check the customer's background, annual sales, company size and other information on the Internet to help increase the transaction rate.

Share some ways to improve the secondary response rate:

1, improve the speed of mail reply;
2, telephone communication - active secondary attack;

3, professional quotations and copy;
        Neat typography, consistent fonts, concise and clear content, focused
        Because of professionalism, it is more effective!

        The importance of letting customers “fear” to the market and the customer experience
4, empathy ability;

How to summarize the company's "unique selling point (advantage)"?
Think about four questions:

1. Where is the company's biggest customer now? who is it?
2. How many colleagues in the market are doing this product?
3. Assuming the buyer knows this situation, why give you orders? (Write 3 points per person)
4. Summary: Duplicate is “unique selling point”---differentiation and refinement
Point --- argument, argument --- reason?

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