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Requirements and procedures for fumigation of export goods

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:HKSG-GROPU
  • Release Date:2019-01-31
Requirements and procedures for fumigation of export goods

If the package of the exported goods is natural wood packaging, the IPPC should be identified according to the destination country of the export. For example, if the goods are exported to the EU, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc., if the goods are packaged in softwood, they must be fumigated. .

For the fumigation is now standardized, the fumigation team fumigation of the container according to the box number, that is, after the goods arrive at the venue, the professional fumigation team puts the IPPC logo on the package. (Customer declaration) Fill in the fumigation contact list with the customer name, country, box number, medication, etc. → (fumigation team) labeling (about half a day) → fumigation (24 hours) → powder medicine (4 hours).

(1) Fumigation can be divided into whole box fumigation, LCL fumigation, FCL fumigation

1. No need to add "IPPC" logo, directly package the goods after the arrival of the venue, notify the fumigation team to fumigation, spray different scales of fumigant according to the country of destination, divided into CH3BR, PH3, if the customer has no special requirements, the fumigation team The CH3BR agent was sprayed and fumigation was carried out for 24 hours.

2. Need to add "IPPC" logo: After the goods are delivered to the venue, they will be dropped to the venue to inform the customs broker of the location where the goods will land. The fumigation team will put the words "IPPC" in front of and behind each package, and then arrange the venue for packing. Then fumigation.

3. Fumigation of the package: the commodity inspection is submitted to the customs for inspection, and then the package is specially fumigated.

LCL Fumigation: Fumigation of LCL cargo can be placed in the same container for fumigation, but must meet the following four conditions:

1. The same destination port

2. The same country

3. The same voyage

4. At the same commodity inspection bureau for inspection

(2) Some requirements for fumigation

1. Fumigation time: fumigation must reach 24 hours. After fumigation, the fumigation team applies a fumigation mark with a sputum mark on the cabinet door. After 24 hours, the fumigation team took the logo and took 4 hours to disperse the poison before it could be arranged. If the poisoning time is not enough, closing the door may cause damage to the cargo. At present, there are three fumigation teams in Dalian working on the site, and there are many jobs. Therefore, fumigation is best compared with insurance two days in advance. For goods that need to be inspected for export, the goods must be delivered at least two days before the interception time of the ship. site.

2, the requirements of packaging: wood packaging can not have bark and insect eyes. If the wood package has bark, the customs broker will help the customer to shovel the bark; if a bug is found, the shipper needs to be notified to replace the package. If the fumigation certificate is required after fumigation, it will be used for customs clearance of the port of destination. (It is recommended that customers have this card).

1) Label Content IPPC, the International Plant Protection Convention Organization. According to the Notice of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, No. 4, 2005, it was exported to the European Union, the United States, and Canada on March 1, 2005.