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Recently, the customs hotbed several hot spots, foreign trade freight forwarding please pay attentio

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:HKSG-GRUP
  • Release Date:2018-07-05
Recently, regarding the customs inspection, there are three such "inspection" topics that are particularly concerned with the freight forwarding:

1.H986 inspection;
2. LCL packing list;
3. Summary decision control.

Today, Xiaobian and everyone look at the three popular hot spots to check the topic. What do you mean?

First, what is H986?

H986 inspection is the "machine inspection", which is a cargo inspection method implemented by the customs using scientific and technological means.

Recently, Shanghai Customs has carried out pilot work on export cargo inspections. What should enterprises pay attention to?

1. The probability of the whole box inspection will be gradually improved, and the H986 inspection will be widely covered. At present, outside the second, outer four, outer five, Yangshan are equipped with machine inspection equipment, but does not rule out the possibility of manual inspection due to unclear images (need to re-examine inspection plan), so all relevant units should arrange time properly. Prevent delays in shipping.

2, LCL goods, please be sure to declare the company in the remarks column pre-recorded "LCL" before the declaration, to prevent the H986 inspection range into the whole box and affect the schedule.

3. No machine inspection will be carried out during the holidays.

Second, the LCL packing list

In order to better create a business environment and provide the level of LCL cargo inspection work, since June 13th, all LCL cargoes are recommended to be labeled with the following version of the packing box in the right side of the container door! If not posted, It may be necessary to clear the box for inspection because it is impossible to accurately pick up the box! Hope that all customers should pay attention to it, so as not to affect the schedule!

As shown below:

Third, summary decision control inspection

The immediate inspection inspection control refers to the relevant inspection instructions issued for the specific customs declaration of the current operation link under the conditions that the customs declaration, manifest and other relevant electronic data have been declared or transmitted, and submitted to the site for inspection.

In what cases can the customs conduct a summary inspection of the goods?

1. Yangshan rushed past the A1 mount without completing the customs declaration.

In order to avoid unreasonably increasing the inspection rate, please check the customs of the team before the goods pass the customs card. Be sure to: enter the port after customs declaration!

2. Containers with excessive nuclear radiation

Since the container box or the loaded goods have a certain nuclear radiation index, once the warning value is exceeded, it will be checked and checked by the final decision. In this case, the container needs to be dragged back from the Shengdong, Guandong or Shangdong terminals to the island for inspection. point.