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Raise knowledge 丨 One article understands what is a bonded warehouse and how it works

  • Release Date:2024-02-01
The bonded warehouse refers to the warehouse that stores special bonded goods and other customs procedures for customs procedures approved by the customs.

Many people confuse bonded warehouses, bonded zones, bonded warehouses, etc. In fact, the three belong to the category of adjustment of different rules and regulations in customs supervision, and there are great differences in operating models and requirements.If the "bonded warehouse" that frequently appears in cross -border e -commerce reports, it usually refers to the warehousing venue in the special customs regulatory area and the bonded logistics center (Type B). It does not refer to the bonded warehouse.It expresses the requirements for cross -border e -commerce places, but it is not a predicate noun or term for customs.

Some mistakenly believe that the warehousing venue established in the comprehensive bonded area and the bonded port area is the bonded warehouse. In fact, the two have strictly distinguished in the customs supervision, such as the main body, the size of the venue, the subject of acceptance, the mount and the floor -to -floor, the site of the inspection venueThere are different requirements for video networking and computer systems.