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RMB payment settlement, how to export tax refund?

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At present, the scope of RMB settlement for cross-border trade has been extended to the whole country. According to the National Tax Letter [2010] No. 303, export companies applying for export tax rebate (exemption) tax settlement in Renminbi need to submit written information and apply the same procedures as other foreign currency settlement export business, only in terms of electronic data declaration There is a difference, that is, the corresponding mark is added to the detailed data of export tax refund (exemption).

In simple terms, it can be understood that the cross-border RMB is equal to a foreign currency with an exchange rate of 1, and the operation method is the same as that of the US dollar. Don't worry if the RMB payment from Iran / Dubai is not refundable, because the refund is not related to the country of origin of the foreign exchange, as long as it is called from abroad, it is all foreign exchange! !! !!

Let's talk about the specific operation of RMB tax refund:

Foreign Trade Enterprises

When foreign trade enterprises apply for cross-border trade RMB settlement of export goods, the tax refund (exemption) can be reported to the competent tax authority separately or together with other export goods. The export tax rebate declaration system of foreign trade enterprises only has the “FOB USD” column when entering the export details. For customs declaration in RMB, enter the converted FOB USD price in the “FOB USD” column, and it must be marked with “KJ” in the record column. ", Select" KJ cross-border trade "as the business code.


The RMB settlement business for cross-border trade of manufacturing enterprises shall be declared together with other export goods. At the time of declaration, in the "Export Goods Details Declaration Entry" of the export tax rebate declaration system of the manufacturing enterprise, the column of "original currency code" must be filled with "CNY"; "original currency currency" must be filled with "RMB yuan"; "Fill in RMB according to the amount of FOB RMB; fill in" 100 "in the" Original Currency Exchange Rate "column; fill in in the" US Dollar Exchange Rate "column at the actual exchange rate; mark" KJ "in the remarks column and select" KJ Cross-Border Trade "for the business type code.

RMB tax refund faq

Q: Is RMB settlement required for RMB settlement?
A: RMB settlement, RMB is not necessarily required for customs declaration, and other currencies can be used. RMB declaration and other currencies are also feasible.

Q: The US dollar has received the payment in advance, and the US dollar has declared customs. Can the remaining balance be collected in RMB? Does this affect foreign exchange supervision and export tax rebate?
A: The balance can be collected in RMB, which will not affect foreign exchange supervision and export tax rebate.

Q: If the RMB payment is paid by domestic bank transfer, is it still possible to export tax refund for RMB declaration?
A: If the RMB payment is paid by a domestic bank transfer, the tax refund cannot be performed. It is not recommended for enterprises to do so.

Q: What should I pay attention to in RMB settlement?
A: 1. For cross-border RMB settlement, when applying for export tax refund (exemption) tax details, the company will add a corresponding mark to the cross-border RMB settlement data, and fill in the "KJ" ("cross-border" initial letter) in the remarks column. Abbreviated as "KJ"). 2. Batches must be reported separately as required by tax authorities. 3. When calculating the cost of tax refund and exchange, the amount of customs declaration in RMB should be converted into US dollars according to the average exchange rate of the month, and then the calculation formula of exchange cost should be applied normally.

Q: Foreign trade is exported in Renminbi, and the exchange rate is selected at the middle price of the first working day of the month. How can the RMB amount differ from the customs declaration?
A: The exchange cost will not affect the export tax refund if it is within the normal value.

Q: The company has a cross-border renminbi to receive foreign exchange. The bank notification requires us to provide invoices, contracts, customs declarations, and descriptions of the goods in order to receive foreign exchange. Does cross-border renminbi foreign exchange collection require these materials to be credited?
A: Because the supervision of each bank is different, if your company has verified with the bank that the above information is needed, the reply from the bank shall prevail. In general, after the customs declaration is cleared, the enterprise can query and download the customs declaration in the export tax refund of the Chinese electronic port law enforcement system.

Finally, I remind everyone that since tax refund is a territorial management, it is recommended to make further confirmation with the competent tax authority.

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