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Portuguese terminal loader will hold a strike

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide
  • Release Date:2019-04-13
The Portuguese Loading and Unloading Union intends to hold a 24-hour strike on September 20, which led to the suspension of the port operations of Leixoes and Lisbon.

The strike cycle began on September 10 and lasted for one month and will end on October 8. However, in addition to the planned one-day shutdown on Thursday, the strike was not officially held during the additional time period.

The relevant shipping company has been affected and announced countermeasures.

"This strike has had a negative impact on the normal operation of the Port of Lexus and the Port of Lisbon, mainly on the arrival and departure of vessels.

“The continued delays in the strike date, the adjustment of the work schedule of the terminal and the additional costs involved have made it difficult for us to cope with the unsustainable situation. Therefore, we charge a strike surcharge.” Samskip commented on the strike. Said.

These unions called on workers to join the rights freely and protested the growing number of anti-union teams in Portuguese ports.

Portuguese terminal loader will hold a strike