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Philippine Customs Warns All Containers Containing Agricultural Products

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-05-29

May 28, according toPhilippinesAccording to customs news, the Philippines’s General Administration of Customs seized four shipments at Davao Port on the grounds that the contents of the declaration were inconsistent with the actual items. The actual items in the container were onions, magic sugar, candy, mosquito coils and old clothes.

On Friday, the customs commissioner Isidro Lapeña stated that the authorities had confiscated four shipments. Two of these shipments were shipped from China to Sa Sa Marina in Davao City at different times, and the other two were from Indonesia and the United States. The two shipments arrived on the same day at Davao International Container Terminal.

A shipment of goods imported by Janrev Enterprises was intercepted at Sasha Pier. At the time of customs declaration, he stated that the container was a plastic plate, but actually there were 401 boxes of snow white bear candy and 869 boxes of mosquito coils.

In the shipment to Bizreal Trading International, there were 6300 bags of onions in the apple.

The General Administration of Customs stated that duty-free fresh apples are often used as dumplings for the delivery of onions because the shape of the two fruits is similar when viewed on an X-ray machine.

At the container terminal, the agency found that Mahmud Enterprises and Kobeasan Trading’s goods were declared to be bed sheets, shoes, pillowcases, stuffed toys and bags, but in fact they contained a pack of used clothes, 275 boxes of magical sugar and 115 boxes of lotion.
Another shipment to Bizreal Trading International goes through X-raysDuring the machine, it was found that it contained a bag of onions that did not match the declared items.

Reno Valdez, a Roman collector in Davao Port, said that all agricultural products arriving at the port had been put on alert according to Lape’s instructions.

Valdez said: "We are closely monitoring the import of agricultural products to prevent the entry of smuggled products."

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and the General Administration of Customs announced that all containers bearing agricultural products were put on alert because 17 container trucks were seized, each of which was loaded with goods worth 2 million pesos, and contained fresh apples without duties. A covered onion.

The agency said that the district public prosecutor's office had issued seizure and detention orders in violation of articles 1400 and 1113 of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act.

The seized old clothes were in violation of Republic Act No. 4653, the "Protection of People's Health and National Dignity Protection Act," namely, "The National Policy on the Prohibition of Commercial Import of Old Clothes and Rags".

The General Administration of Customs of the Philippines stated that they had found at least seven containers from China at the International Container Port (MICP) in Manila. Some of these items were very different from the declarations.
In a statement, the General Administration of Customs stated that when these containers were declared customs, they indicated that they contained non-woven linings and fabric linings, industrial fur, fresh apples and household utensils. However, the actual content found by the customs is very different from the content of customs clearance.

Customs Director Isidro Lapegna said that they found 947 boxes of cigarettes and 53 boxes of MArvel cigarettes, 950 boxes of strong cigarettes, a box of apples mixed with onions, a box of apples mixed with fresh carrots, and some old clothes wrapped with food without the Food and Drug Administration approval.

These goods were sent to Trixcean Trading, Marid Industrial Marketing, Khalevskies Enterprises, Ashton & Ilyze Trading and Yohann Rein Trading.

The General Administration of Customs stated that all consignees and their signing companies will be disqualified.

Lapenia said: "We will send the consignee to Section 1 1400 (detained and confiscated property) of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act, erroneous declaration of cargo declaration, misclassification, underestimation of goods. And the broker filed a lawsuit.

These companies will also be punished for violating intellectual property rights, food and drug management laws and anti-agricultural smuggling laws.
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