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Pay attention! Port Liverpool began a two -week strike

  • Release Date:2022-09-22
After the union and port operators failed to reach the latest compensation agreement, Liverpool Port Wharf workers in Liverpool in the United Kingdom began a two -week strike from Monday (19th).

Trade unions stated that the union members will continue to strike until October 3, requesting a salary increase to match the inflation rate. They will strike in the container operating area of ​​the port of Lipu, and other businesses in the port are not affected.

Port Liverpool runs two container terminals, connecting the inland port along the coast of Scotland, Ireland and Manchester Canal. The port has a monthly processing of about 75,000teu containers, with an average of 60 ships per month.

It is reported that Port Port received a formal notice from the Unite union on September 16, saying that the latest compensation proposal was rejected. Port Pican said that from June this year, the salary plan they provided was equivalent to an average annual salary increase of 10%or 4,000 pounds.

The average salary of the container operator will increase to 43,000 pounds per year, which is much higher than the average level of Liverpool region and the United Kingdom. In addition to increasing wages, Pilk Port also promised to change the working class of dock workers, and these changes will reduce the workload of night shifts by 25%.

The trade union continued to require Pilk Port to increase the basic salary by more than 12.3%, and further increase the wage rate. Port in Pierramid said that in the case of the union seeking more concessions, this will be equivalent to reaching a salary of about 20%of the salary plan.

As Britain has faced the worst inflation over the years, the country has faced extensive strike in recent weeks. People's concerns about the supply chain are increasing, because the workers at the Port of Felixto also approve the second strike, which will overlap with the strike of Port Liverpool.

Although these two ports are operated independently and are not on the same route, the strikes at the same time are expected to further interfere with the shipping market in the traditional peak season. In the earlier strike, the ship company canceled its suspension in the Port of Felix.

VESSSELSVALUE research shows that during the last round of strike, the average waiting time of the container of Felixto increased in August, from about 5 hours in the summer to 30 hours during the strike.

Arshad Dadabhoy, the head of the British trade and customs expert team, said to the upcoming dual strike: "The supply chain interruption has severely damaged many industries, but it is particularly serious in the manufacturing and retail industry. Purchasing products, parts and components. "

"These interruptions will be postponed from China to Europe. The cargo ship will be transferred to other ports in Europe and the United Kingdom, adding to the congestion pressure of the port of Mehhafen, Hamburg, Rotterdam, and the main port hubs. Our proprietary data shows that The availability level of these port containers is already at a very high level, "said Christian Roeloff, co -founder and CEO of Container Xchange.