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Pakistan needs to make a certificate of origin

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2019-02-22
Sunny Worldwide Logistics It is reported that the recent shipment of Pakistan is required to make a certificate of origin in advance, and the certificate of origin should be marked on the customs declaration form, otherwise it may affect the customs clearance rate of foreign customs clearance.
If the shipping schedule is tight and you have to install it before you can confirm the data, you can apply for the number in advance, then change and then issue the certificate.

Xiaobian sorted out the precautions for your reference as follows:
1. Issuance of a later issued certificate
The certificate to be applied for 15 days after the export of the goods shall be processed in accordance with the issued certificate. The post-certificate visa is executed in accordance with the visa requirements of the GSP issued certificate. The thirteenth column of the issued certificate is marked "ISSUED RETROACTIVELY".
Second, the issuance of the change certificate
After the certificate is issued, the exporter finds that the certificate is incorrect and can apply for the change of the certificate. Changing the certificate visa requirements is performed in accordance with the visa requirements for the GSP change certificate.
Third, the issuance of reissuance certificates
If the certificate is stolen, lost or damaged, the exporter may apply for a reissue certificate. A copy or second copy of the original certificate must be provided at the time of processing, and a copy of the relevant commercial documents, such as bill of lading and customs declaration, will be provided. The thirteenth column of the reissue certificate is marked "CERTIFIED TRUE COPY".
Fourth, the validity of the certificate
Valid for one year from the date of issuance of the certificate.
Five, direct rules
Product transportation must comply with the rules of direct shipment of the China-Pakistan Free Trade Zone. After the goods re-exported to Pakistan via Hong Kong and Macao, after obtaining the "China-Pakistan Free Trade Zone Preferential Certificate of Origin" issued by the inspection and quarantine institution, the exporter may hold the certificate and related documents to Hong Kong and Macao China. The company applied for a “no rework certificate”.
6. Exporter's statement
The FOB price of each shipment does not exceed US$200, and there is no need to apply for a certificate of origin. Posts with a FOB price of less than $200 should also be processed accordingly.
Seven, other visa requirements
Other visa requirements are enforced in accordance with the visa requirements of the GSP certificate.

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