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Overview of inconsistencies in manifests, customs declarations, bills of lading

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-07-25
Port of ChinacontainerIn the export business of goods, manifests, declarations, bills of lading, and inconsistencies in the three orders are very common.

Why is this happening?

The following are the main reasons for the inconsistency of sunny worldwide Logistics Co., Ltd. to analyze the “three orders” and the adverse effects.

The main reasons for the three inconsistencies are:
    (1) Changing the bill of lading for trade needs, the first case: in the tripartite trade, the consignor recorded in the manifest and customs declaration is the real exporter, while the intermediate trader conceals the exporter information, often requiring the carrier The intermediate trader is recorded as the shipper mentioned, resulting in the consignor information mentioned above and the manifest, and the shipper information on the customs declaration is inconsistent. The second case: the bill of lading or the slip of the bill of lading, resulting in inconsistency in the three bills.

    (2) If the operation is not standardized or the document data is not synchronized, the shipper may not submit the goods for delivery, and submit the bill of lading sample to the carrier before the goods are packed, and the actual packing and customs declaration data does not match the data recorded in the bill of lading. The cargo owner was unwilling or unable to change the manifest and customs declaration, resulting in inconsistent data in the goods recorded in the three orders.

    (3) The consignor lied about the relevant information. For example, in the case of a non-export-qualified enterprise exporting goods through an export-qualified enterprise, the consignor and the manifeste described in the manifest are export-qualified enterprises, and the bill of lading records The consignor is an enterprise with no export qualification, resulting in inconsistent information on the consignor in the three orders.
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   Inconsistent “three orders” will increase the business risk of the issuer of the bill of lading;
Increase the regulatory risk of customs, taxation and other departments; may also cause the customs declaration data in China's customs manifest system to be inconsistent with the manifest data declared by the carrier to the destination customs.

It is detrimental to our business reputation in international trade. Hongmingda Logistics Co., Ltd. takes the international shipping agency business and integrated logistics business as the core, and strictly abides by the principle of single compliance in business operations.

Thereby ensuring that the three orders are consistent, reducing business risks and escorting the customer's goods.

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