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Overseas collection of high-risk countries

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2019-03-08
Sunny worldwide logisticsRecently I received a message that the guests came in from Syria and said that they are high-risk areas and will not be credited! Many African countries do not! To provide a variety of proofs! Does this also make people not do business? !
However, banks are indeed more sensitive to high-risk areas. They can’t accept money or small things. It’s too late to be sold out! The list of the latest high-risk countries is as follows, and everyone pays attention when collecting money!

1. The national bank with serial number 1 is forbidden to be credited.
2. National banks with serial numbers 2-6 need to provide information (invoices, contracts, customs declarations) (no customs declarations for advance receipts, commitments required to be provided within 3 months of the commitment, and failure to provide customs declarations on the due date will affect All subsequent US dollar transactions (equivalent to freezing the account) can only be returned to the remitter in the original way (if it cannot be returned, the information cannot be provided, which seriously affects the bank's reputation problems with the company and may be sold)}.
Try to avoid remittances from the above countries. If you need to remit money through the above countries, the information on the information must be consistent with the information of the remitter to be accounted for.
The information is at your own risk for failure to provide on time or to provide consequences.

Please avoid having a corporate bank remittance relationship with the above countries! For the above high-risk countries, you can choose Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bank of China personal account T/T payment.
In addition, the following countries can sign contracts, but they need to provide the bank with the necessary certification relationships to prove that the business is legal.
Countries include: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan.
Proof materials include:
Anti-money laundering questionnaire
2. Risk commitment letter
3. Description: Exporter, payer, and tripartite relationship
It is also necessary to indicate that this cargo has not been stopped at the Iranian port, and any economic disputes and consequences arising therefrom are borne by our company and have nothing to do with the bank.

Banks in the following countries cannot collect money, and the money will be returned in the same way.
Including: North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Russia (not yet finalized), please a foreign trade company to carefully collect money.