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On February 28, the Japanese port organization went on strike, involving ports, trailers, warehouses

  • Author:Jim
  • Source:Search network
  • Release Date:2019-03-01
    On February 28th, Japan will hold a nationwide strike of dock workers.

    The strike was organized by the “All-Japan Harbor Labor Group” and will not only involve dock workers, but also staff from port-related industries. Because the "All Japan Harbor Labor Union" is an organization consisting of ports, trailers, warehouses, etc., with more than 20,000 members.
    It is understood that the main appeal of the strike is to raise wages. The strike will start on February 28 and end on March 1.

    In fact, not only will the “All-Japan Harbor Labor Union” be staged a strike, but in the near future, many labor unions in Japan will announce strikes – this is the famous trade union movement “Spring Fight” that is held every spring in Japan.   
  The so-called Chundou, also known as the "spring struggle" and "spring wage struggle", was organized every spring by Japanese trade unions. The activities carried out to raise workers' wages began in 1955.
    Since then, each year, the major trade unions have jointly formed the "Spring Fighting Committee" to lead the Spring Fighting activities. It has now become one of the fixed forms of the Japanese labor movement. Chundou generally takes the form of negotiation.