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Notice: The latest requirements of countries for the express delivery of special goods!

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-05-12
   Recently, we received notifications from all over the postal service.AustraliaSome countries have new regulations for the transportation of special goods. details as follows

1. Todbas
Barbados Post All shipments destined for Barbados contain the recipient's landline or mobile phone number and e-mail address (if any). So that the local post of Barbados accelerates the delivery of parcels.
2. Colombia
According to local regulations, the importation and circulation of the following items are prohibited:
1 Narcotics and psychotropic substances such as opium, morphine, cocaine, and marijuana. Except for items intended for medical or scientific purposes accepted by the country of destination.
2 Corrosive liquids and toxic substances, fats, colored powders and similar materials, obscene or immoral items, and other goods that are prohibited from importing or circulating in the country of destination.
Depending on its nature or its packaging, people may be exposed to danger, or other items may be soiled or damaged.
Mailing equipment or items of third-party property, exchanges documents, explosives, flammable or harmful substances, such as weapons, ammunition, with the nature of personal communication between persons other than the sender and the addressee or persons living with them. , various war materials, fireworks, detonated fuzes, rockets, firecrackers, etc.
3 All radioactive material.
4 Live animals, dead animals, harmful insects, parasites, etc.
5 Cash, coins, banknotes, banknote molds, paper representing real banknotes or any other bearer bonds, coinage machines, other valuable items such as platinum, gold or silver, gems and other valuables, and counterfeit and pirated items .
3. South Africa
After receiving the notice from South African Post, all shipments containing liquids are prohibited from being sent to South Africa or transshipped through South Africa. If checked by the airline, the shipment will be handled according to law.
4. Turkey
The customs duty of the Turkish customs on the use of printed publications for books or other personal use is 150 euros. On April 26, 2018, the duty exemption limit for shipments containing goods/goods was reduced from 30 euros to 22 euros.
5. Australia
According to local country regulations, shipments containing cannabis, cannabis leaf, hemp seeds or containing cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are also prohibited, as are shipments transshipped through Australia.
Items containing contraband will be returned or disposed of directly by the local authorities.
6. Sweden
Swedish Customs has imposed Value Added Tax (VAT) on all non-EU e-Commerce items (including mail) on March 1, 2018. Swedish Post has also started to charge the corresponding service fee based on the value of mail items (Swedish value is less than 150 Euro, Sweden The post office will charge 7.5 euros for service fees, and if it exceeds 150 euros, it will charge 12.5 euros for service charges). According to feedback from Sweden Post, some parcels have been rejected by buyers and returned to the sender.

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