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Notice: Incomplete information of Hong Kong DHL sender and receiver will be returned or even locked

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-05-15
  RecentHong Kong DThe HL notified question adds an INCOMPLETE SHPR/CNEE NAME (incomplete sender/sender name). This problem is caused by the incompleteness of the sender's name (especially the recipient's name). Items must be returned in Hong Kong before they can be returned.

Therefore, the delivery and delivery personnel must pay attention to the goods must be complete

Include: Full company name, address, telephone number, and sender's full name (last name + first name). If there is no recipient company name, be sure to provide the recipient's full name (last name + first name).
Specifically, DHL feedback found that the incomplete name of the sender's name and recipient's name on the most recent invoice often occurred, resulting in an increase in the return rate. DHL requires that the name of the sender/recipient on the invoice must be the full name.

The following conditions are not accepted by DHL:
1. A gentleman, a young lady, such as Mr. Hsu, Ms. Queena, etc.;
2. Abbreviations used in names, such as C C CHOU;
3. Only names, no surnames, such as: Peter.
Once the above situation occurs, the shipment will be returned by DHL. The resulting delays and additional costs (such as re-shipment fees, return shipping costs) will be borne by the sender.
1. The remail operation fee is RMB50/ticket
2. Delivery fees
Within 130KG RMB100/ticket
RMB260/ticket within 2300kgs, RMB0.6/KG over RMB300kgs

In addition to the fees, the delivery/sender information provided at the time of shipment is incomplete and may be locked by the APDPSS team (International Anti-Terrorist Security Organization). If this is the case, it takes 5 days or more to wait for confirmation. time.

Therefore, in order to prevent this kind of situation from happening, please pay attention to the completeness of the customs information when receiving the goods, and the forwarding company will not review the accompanying materials before sending the shipment. If the violation of this requirement results in all consequences and costs will be Everyone takes it.