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Ningbo Zhoushan Port has a container throughput of over 25 million boxes this year.

  • Author:Hank
  • Source:Maritime World
  • Release Date:2019-11-23
Ningbo Port has always thought that it is an important port carrying the southeastern part of China. Many foreign customers who want to buy goods in Yiwu need to ship from Ningbo Port.Yiwu freightIt is also an important business of our company.

At 13:00 on November 22, with the real-time production data of the container on the large screen of the Zhoushan Port dispatching command center in Ningbo beating to the “25,000,000.00” standard box, the container throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan Port has exceeded 25 million TEU this year, which is more than 2018. 25 million boxes" nearly 20 days in advance.

Since the beginning of this year, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has fully utilized the advantages of Zhejiang's marine ports integration, created the best combination of “One Belt and One Road”, optimized the collection and distribution network system, and seized the hinterland supply organization. Both sea and land go hand in hand to help the container throughput achieve steady growth. .

In terms of sea direction, Ningbo Zhoushan Port actively responded to the trend of large-scale ships, increased cooperation with global shipping giants, and strengthened the development of flight routes between countries and regions along the Silk Road. From January to October, it opened up a number of countries along the “Belt and Road” and In the region's routes, the total number of related routes has reached 88, and the completed container volume is 10 million TEUs, accounting for 40% of the total container throughput. Among them, the number of Southeast Asian routes increased from 28 at the beginning of the year to the current 31, covering major countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Cambodia, making Ningbo Zhoushan Port a Southeast Asian country and exporting to Japan and South Korea. An important transit point for international trade sources in North America and other places. At the same time, Ningbo Zhoushan Port actively built the inner branch line boutique route, tapping the potential of the business such as the expansion and reform, and the business volume of the internal branch line and the domestic trade line achieved steady growth.

On the Luxiang side, Ningbo Zhoushan Port actively carried out the development of key areas, key customers and logistics projects, launched the railway container launching business, and the coal “transferred iron” business, and opened the Ningbo-皋埠 double-class class to over 100 classes, successfully establishing a domestic The first railway railway container trackless station achieved a good growth in sea-rail combined transport business.