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New traders must read it , what is the dumping cabinet in the sea

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-08-09
In the process of shipping, we often encounter the phenomenon of throwing cabinets, so what is throwing cabinets?

In the course of international shipping, if there are national holidays or years ago, there will be a phenomenon of shipping companies throwing their cabinets.

In the peak season, there are many phenomena such as "explosion Bay" and throwing cabinet.

 If the owner encounters this kind of thing, the performance and reputation will inevitably suffer.

Therefore, how to avoid the problem of "blowing the cabin" and "throwing the cabinet" of the shipping company is one of the important tasks of the freight forwarders. 

So for this question, today's editor and everyone to talk about the things that throw the cabinet.

Q1: What is an international shipping dumping cabinet?

A: In the peak sea season, due to the large volume of goods and the limited space available,

 the shipping company, in order to ensure that the ship can be fully loaded, 

often starts to recognize that goods with a full load of more than 120 % can be shipped on time. However,

 once there is a shortage of shipping space, which is referred to in the shipping community as an "explosion Bay", 

the shipping company will refuse to ship the excess of about 20 % of the cargo of those shippers with lower freight costs and common connections, leaving them 
behind for the next or several voyages, The shipping company is not responsible for this.

Q2: Why is there an international shipping disposal cabinet?

A: With a large cargo volume and limited shipping space, we are prone to explosions, especially on hot routes.
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In fact, the reason for throwing away the cabinets is entirely the reason for the shipping company, 

because the shipping company often releases more space than the actual shipping space in order to ensure that the full load does not waste any position

Q3: Which cabinets are prone to rejection?

A: The shipping company is selective about which cabinets to dump, not in a first-come, 

first-served order, but in a less expensive, less common relationship with the shipping company,

 or The shipping company gave priority to the locker of customers who did not think it was important.

Q4: The Fault of the International Marine Turnbox?

A: This may lead to a second declaration, a delay in delivery, or even a customer's claim or loss of customer.

 The root cause of the problem of dumping cabinets lies in the fact that the shipping company has given more space in order to maximize its profits, 

and has not paid enough attention to services.

Summary: The dumping cabinet is a very popular term in the import and export, maritime logistics and other industries. In the maritime season,
 due to the large volume of goods and limited shipping space,

In order to ensure that the ship can be fully loaded, 

the shipping company often begins to confirm that goods with a full load of more than 120 % can be transported on time.

 And once there's not enough space,
, the so-called "explosion Bay" in the maritime industry,
 the shipping company will reject the shipment of the cargo of the shipper who has a lower freight rate of about 20 %.

Leave the cargo on the next voyage or voyage, for which the shipping company is not liable.

 The direct victims of dumping cabinets are shippers, shippers and freight forwarders,

This may lead to delays in delivery, secondary customs clearance or inspection, 

and even the loss of their respective customers. The appearance of the cabinet phenomenon is ultimately a matter of interest.

It is caused by the shipping company in order to maximize its profits. However, the shipping company, while pursuing profits, 

has put the "service" Eryu behind its head.

Such a result is to invite the shipper's abuse, and the shipping company will eventually lose the company's own credibility and long-term interests.

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