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New rules for customs declaration on August 1

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-08-03

Customs will implement a new customs declaration form on August 1, 2018. The main export adjustment items are: 

1. If the overseas consignee is added, please fill in the actual buyer's English name, otherwise it may affect the bill of lading and the collection of foreign exchange. 

2. Increase the overseas consignee code: In 35 countries that recognize each other with Chinese AEO, the consignee has the AEO code filled in. Other circumstances are exempt from filling out. 

3. Note that the trading country refers to the country (region) where the contract buyer is located. It needs to be filled in accurately and may affect the collection of foreign exchange in the future. 

4. The commodity code is changed from 10 to 13 digits, consisting of: 10 customs codes + 3 quarantine additional codes. 

The last three quarantine additional codes need to be queried on the website of the quarantine bureau. As follows, the code is subdivided according to the reporting elements. 


5. You can download the new EXCEL customs declaration form by the following website. Please select the appropriate template as soon as possible to make the data transfer smoothly in August. 

Warm reminder: 8.1 old and new system switching, instability factors increase, please clear the customs before the closing of the day to ensure smooth delivery.

The following is a sample of the new customs declaration:

international sea freight air freight

Note, please log in to a single window to register and re-enroll the customs declaration and double qualification. Please register before August 1st.

Regarding the issue of paying customs declarations, Shenzhen locals can still operate. The non-recommended information in the field is not recommended for more than one week. The change is faster, please know.

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