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New breakthrough! "Rizhao - Japan's partial port" foreign trade container liner route

  • Author:Hank
  • Source:Xinde Maritime
  • Release Date:2019-08-17
On August 14th, with the “Kangping” round successfully berthing in Rizhao Port, Haitong Company and South Korea Sea Shipping Co., Ltd. officially opened the “Rizhao-Japan-Hong Kong” foreign trade container liner service, and the goods of Rizhao Port hinterland foreign trade enterprises can pass through Busan, South Korea. The transit was quickly delivered to Japan's partial port. This is the first time Haitong has cooperated with other shipping companies to open routes, marking a new breakthrough in the networked operation of the route.

With the increasingly perfect function of Rizhao port shore, the increasingly mature and stable operation of foreign trade routes, the scale effect and agglomeration effect of route development have become increasingly prominent. The cooperation will open the trans-port route, and the two sides will make good use of the comprehensive advantages of “multiple cabins, fast schedule, good service and excellent freight rate” to share the logistics network resources and the cargo collection system, and create a fast import and export channel for customers. And logistics solutions to provide professional, low-cost, and efficient shipping services to ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods to the destination port.

The smooth opening of the Hong Kong route has enabled the interconnection of Rizhao Port with 26 ports in Japan such as Kawasaki, Hiroshima, Akita and Niigata, and together with the already opened Kyushu, Kanto and Kansai routes, it constitutes a shipping network covering major Japanese markets. The network is of great significance for enriching the layout of foreign trade routes of Rizhao Port, enhancing international service capabilities, promoting transportation and trade facilitation, and enhancing economic and cultural exchanges between China and Japan and even neighboring countries.
In recent years, Rizhao Port has opened the "Rizhao-Korea Pyeongtaek" passenger liner liner route, and has opened the "Rizhao-Korea Busan", "Rizhao-Southeast Asia", "Rizhao-Japan Kyushu" and "Rizhao-Japan-Hong Kong" foreign trade. The container liner route shortened the logistics time of the hinterland foreign trade enterprises, shortened the logistics cost, improved the efficiency of foreign trade enterprises, promoted the development of the port industry and regional economy, contributed to the improvement of the influence and popularity of Rizhao City, and became the "sunshine flow". City business card."