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Mediterranean shipping will track containers in real time

  • Author:James
  • Source:Hong Kong Shipping
  • Release Date:2018-11-02
Mediterranean shippingRecently, it is announced that the sensors of the cargo tracking system will be installed on 50,000 standard containers to digitize the containers. In the process, the customers will obtain the real-time location of the containers from point A to point B.

The system will be provided by the French container ship monitoring company Traxens, which is owned by Mediterranean Shipping. At the time of the container transportation, whether on land or at sea, the system not only accurately locates the ship and navigation route, but also collects the location in real time. Data such as temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, and door switch status will bring greater added value to shipping companies and users, insurance companies and customs.

Mediterranean Shipping expects that the added functionality of the system will deliver significant results in improving efficiency, service and safety throughout the supply chain. In the past, information tracking took a lot of time and cost. The application of the system will help to manage the delays and other problems in the supply chain, and simplify the customs declaration and approval process.

Diego Aponte, CEO and Chairman of Mediterranean Shipping, said: “The real-time tracking of containers is the future of the shipping industry. The competition of shipping companies in the service sector is inevitable. We will actively cooperate in the field of technology and innovation to bring more customers. the value of."

According to the shipping industry network, Traxens is a French start-up company based on container sensor manufacturing, which can provide shipping companies with information such as container location, external temperature, impact collision, movement and vibration. In 2016, CMA and Mediterranean Shipping invested in Traxens. Under the agreement, both parties have representatives on the Traxens Board of Directors.
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