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Maersk Line first tested the Arctic waterway

  • Author:James
  • Source:International ship network
  • Release Date:2018-08-24
The world's largest container shipping companyMaersk LineThe first test of the Arctic waterway will be accelerated by the commercialization of the Arctic channel expected by the shipping industry.

The Maersk Group said on Tuesday that the company plans to launch an Arctic flight test at the end of this month. The first container ship "Venta Maersk" will travel from East Asia to the European Sea via the Arctic Sea, hoping to develop a more time-saving route than the Suez Canal.

It is reported that the "Venta Maersk" will depart from the Vladivostok port of Vladivostok, Russia, at the end of August, bypassing the Bering Strait and bypassing Russia to the destination of St. Petersburg, the Arctic channel. Maersk pointed out that they still don't know how long it takes for the ship to cross the Arctic sea, but some experts expect to arrive in mid-September.

Maersk said in the statement that the trial is aimed at exploring new routes for container transportation and collecting data, which will not replace the "existing network."

The "Venta Maersk" is a 3,600 TEU container ship. According to the International Ship Network, the "Venta Maersk" is the fourth of the three 3,600 TEU ice-class container ships built by Zhoushan COSCO Shipyard for Maersk. The ship is specially designed to withstand a low temperature of minus 25 degrees Celsius. The ship will be moored in the Baltic Sea after the sea trial. The 26 members of the ship also received special training to resist the cold weather.

Maersk pointed out that they currently have no plans to launch services on the Arctic Sea route. After all, the route is frozen all year round and can only be used for three months each year. The passing transport ship must also be specially designed, and this is also a huge investment.

It is understood that the Arctic channel is divided into the northeast channel, the northwest channel and the north pole point channel. The northeastern route starts from northern Europe and runs eastward through the Barents Sea, the Novosibirsk Sea, and the Chukchi Sea to the Bering Strait. The Northwest Passage starts from the Bering Strait and heads east along the offshore waters of northern Alaska. Pass through the Canadian Arctic Islands until the Davis Strait.

The most attractive thing about the Arctic waterway is its economic benefits. Taking Yamal gas to China as an example, the Arctic channel saves about 13,400 kilometers compared to the conventional Suez Canal channel, and the average time is about 20 days, saving more than 20 days compared to the traditional channel through the Suez Canal. Therefore, the Arctic waterway is also seen as an alternative to Asia in addition to the Suez Canal.
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