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Los Angeles Port of Long Beach Covid-19 outbreak, 700 employees infected!

  • Author:Chelsea
  • Source:Sailing
  • Release Date:2021-01-23
On January 20th, Western Time, the Los Angeles Times reported that nearly 700 dockers in the two ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach were infected with the new crown virus, and hundreds of people were in holiday isolation. The two ports had billions. The logistics economy of the dollar is likely to slow down severely as a result. The port called for vaccinating 15,000 dockworkers as soon as possible.

As the virus spreads, the infection rate of dockers is also rising. On the other hand, the epidemic has also caused a surge in imports of ordinary commodities, and the port is currently in chaos. Port executives, union leaders, and elected officials are launching an emergency campaign calling for vaccinations for dock workers as soon as possible, fearing that labor shortages may force the docks to close.

Eugene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, said that 1,800 workers are currently unable to go to work because of the new crown, including those who have been ill, are in isolation, are waiting for testing, and some are afraid. In addition, some employees continue to work even when they are sick.

The entire Southern California is facing the threat of the virus, and companies and warehouses are struggling to survive amidst the wavering sanitation ban. As the epidemic worsens, it becomes more difficult to control the virus, especially in special jobs such as medical care, dock workers, and supermarket employees.

In the first few months of the outbreak, the port of Los Angeles’ container throughput dropped by nearly 19%. But in the second half of 2020, container throughput has increased by nearly 50%. This has led to a backlog of cargo in the port, a large increase in the number of containers, and a shortage of manpower at the terminals. As of January 19, a total of 45 ships berthed outside these two ports waiting for unloading. This is the rarest months-long delay in the last six years.

Representatives Nanette Diaz Barragan and Alan Lowenthal wrote in a letter to health officials in California and Los Angeles County on January 15: " If action is not taken immediately, the largest port in the United States may face closure, which is a very real danger. Not only is this catastrophic for the Southern California community, the entire United States is very dependent on the flow of goods at the port."

Two lawmakers said that the port is the country’s key infrastructure and an important logistics channel for anti-epidemic medical supplies. Anti-epidemic equipment imported from Asia, including masks, disinfectants and ventilators, must enter the United States from the two ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.