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Looking at the status of major ports in terms of the number of port calls, how many ports are you in

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On January 9th, the Ocean Alliance (including COSCO, CMA, Evergreen and OOCL), one of the three major shipping alliances, released 2020 routes, which will deploy 39 routes (including 1 route) in 2020 The alliance ’s transatlantic route) has invested about 320 ships with a total capacity of about 3.76 million TEU.

Details of the 39 routes are as follows:

7 Far East to Northwest Europe routes

AEU1: Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Yantian-Singapore-Suez Canal-Felixstowe-Zeebrugge-Gdansk-Wilhelmshaven-Piraeus-Suez Canal-Singapore-Yantian-Shanghai

AEU3: Tianjin-Dalian-Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Singapore-Suez Canal-Piraeus-Rotterdam-Hamburg-Antwerp-Rotterdam-Suez Canal-Shanghai-Tianjin

AEU7: Xiamen-Nansha-Hong Kong-Yantian-Geme-Port Klang-Suez Canal-Piraeus-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Zeebrugge-Felixstowe-Suez Canal-Singapore-Hong Kong-Xiamen

AEU2: Tianjin-Busan-Ningbo-Shanghai-Yantian-Singapore-Suez Canal-Southampton-Dunkirk-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Southampton-Algeciras-Suez Canal-Klang-Tianjin

AEU6: Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Yantian-Singapore-Suez Canal-Algeciras-Le Havre-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Le Havre-Malta-Suez Canal-Jeddah-Jebel Ali-Port Klang -Qingdao

AEU5: Kaohsiung-Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Yantian-Tanjung Parapas-Suez Canal-Rotterdam-Felixstowe-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Suez Canal-Colombo-Tanjung Parapas-Kaohsiung

AEU9: Ningbo-Shanghai-Kaohsiung-Yantian-Singapore-Colombo-Suez Canal-Antwerp-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Suez Canal-Klang-Ningbo

4 Far East and Mediterranean routes

AEM1: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong-Yantian-Singapore-Suez Canal-Piraeus-La Spezia-Genoa-Foss-Valencia-Piraeus-Suez Canal-Colombo -Singapore-Hong Kong-Qingdao

AEM2: Qingdao-Busan-Shanghai-Ningbo-Nansha-Yantian-Singapore-Suez Canal-Malta-Valencia-Barcelona-Foss-Genoa-Malta-Beirut-Suez Canal-Jeddah-Jebel Ali-Klang-Xiamen -Qingdao

AEM3: Busan-Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Chiwan-Singapore-Suez Canal-Port Said-Beirut-Izmit-Ambali-Constanta-Odessa-Piraeus-Said Port-Suez Canal-Jeddah-Klang-Busan

AEM6: Shanghai-Ningbo-Busan-Chiwan-Singapore-Suez Canal-Malta-Koper-Trieste-Rijeka-Port Said-Suez Canal-Jeddah-Klang-Chiwan-Shanghai

8 Far East to Southwest US routes

AAS2: Fuqing-Nansha-Yantian-Xiamen-Los Angeles-Fuqing

CEN: Tianjin-Qingdao-Shanghai-Prince Harbor-Los Angeles-Oakland-Tianjin

SEA2: (AWE5) -Klang-Singapore-Linchaban-Gayme-Yantian-Los Angeles-Oakland-Yantian- (AWE5)

AAC2: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Los Angeles-Oakland-Tokyo-Qingdao

AAS: Kaohsiung-Gaimei-Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung-Long Beach-Kaohsiung

AAS3: Taipei-Xiamen-Yantian-Los Angeles-Oakland-Taipei

AAS4: Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung-Taipei-Los Angeles-Oakland-Tacoma-Kaohsiung-Yantian

AAC4: Ningbo-Shanghai-Busan-Long Beach-Busan-Ningbo

4 Far East to Northwest US routes

MPNW: (MEX4)-Yantian-Xiamen-Ningbo-Shanghai-Busan-Seattle-Vancouver-Qingdao-(MEX4)

CPNW: Hong Kong-Yantian-Ningbo-Shanghai-Prince Harbor-Vancouver-Shanghai-Hong Kong

EPNW: Shanghai-Ningbo-Kaohsiung-Yantian-Tacoma-Vancouver-Tokyo-Osaka-Qingdao-Shanghai

OPNW: Shekou-Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung-Vancouver-Seattle-Busan-Kaohsiung-Shekou

7 Far East to and from East Coast

AWE1: Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Busan-Cologne-Savannah-Charleston-Bolton-New York-Cologne-Qingdao

AWE2: Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Busan-New York-Norfolk-Savana-Qingdao

AWE3: Xiamen-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong-Yantian-Cologne-Savannah-New York-Norfolk-Baltimore-Xiamen

AWE4: Gaime-Hong Kong-Yantian-Xiamen-Shanghai-Cologne-New York-Savannah-Charleston-Gaime

AWE5: (SEA2)-Yantian-Gaime-Singapore-Klang-Colombo-Halifax-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Charleston-Klang-(SEA2)

GME: Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Yantian-Houston-Mobile-Tampa-Shanghai

GME2: Singapore-Hong Kong-Shekou-Ningbo-Shanghai-Busan-Houston-Mobile-New Orleans-Tampa-Miami-Singapore

3 transatlantic routes

MENA (outside the league): Fosse-Genoa-La Spezia-Barcelona-Valencia-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Miami-Algeciras-Foss

TAE: Southampton-Antwerp-Rotterdam-Bremerhaven-Le Havre-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Charleston-Southampton

EAG: Le Havre-Antwerp-Rotterdam-Bremerhaven-Charleston-Miami-Veracruz-Altamira-Houston-New Orleans-Le Havre

4 Far East to Middle East routes

MEX: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Nansha-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Abu Dhabi-Dammam-Abu Dhabi-Klang-Qingdao

MEX2: Lianyungang-Qingdao-Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shekou-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Hamad-Dammam-Jubail-Abu Dhabi-Singapore-Nansha-Lianyungang

MEX4: (MPNW)-Qingdao-Ningbo-Shekou-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Dammam-Bahrain-Sohar-Singapore-(MPNW)

MEX5: Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Shekou-Tanjung Parapas-Klang-Jebe Ali-Umksar-Jebe Ali-Klang-Hong Kong-Shanghai

2 Far East round-trip Red Sea routes

RES1: Tianjin-Qingdao-Ningbo-Nansha-Shekou-Singapore-Jeddah-Sokana-Aqaba-Jeddah-Klang-Ningbo-Tianjin

RES2: Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Xiamen-Shekou-Singapore-Djibouti-Jeddah-Sokana-Aqaba-Djibouti-Singapore-Shanghai

According to statistics, of the 39 routes of the Ocean Alliance, a total of 11 ports in mainland China are called: Shanghai Port (25 times), Ningbo Zhoushan Port (24 times), Yantian Port (21 times), and Qingdao Port (15 times). Xiamen Port (11 times), Shekou Port (7 times), Nansha Port (6 times), Tianjin Port (4 times), Dalian Port (1 time), Chiwan Port (2 times), Lianyungang Port (1 time) In addition, Hong Kong Port (11 times), Kaohsiung Port (8 times), and Taipei Port (5 times) are also linked in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

By region:

Among the northern ports, Qingdao Port has outstanding performance with 15 calling routes. In 2019, the annual container throughput of Qingdao Port has exceeded 21 million TEUs, and its world-leading automated second-stage terminal has also been put into operation, which has greatly improved the loading and unloading efficiency. In 2018, Qingdao Port's container throughput ranked fifth in China's coastal ports and eighth in the world. Among them, Tianjin Port (4 times) and Dalian Port (1 time).

From the perspective of the Yangtze River Delta region, the number of calls on the Shanghai Port and Ningbo Zhoushan Port routes are comparable, both of which prove their prominent position as hub ports. COSCO Shipping Port holds 55% of the shares in Lianyungang New Oriental International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. Therefore, Lianyungang Port also has a calling route in the Ocean Alliance. It can be seen that the deep cross-cooperation of port and shipping in the future will still be a major focus of port development.

The ports with the most calls in South China are Yantian Port (21 times), followed by Shekou Port (7 times), Nansha Port (6 times), and Chiwan Port (2 times). Yantian Port calls far more routes than other ports in South China. Among them, Shekou Port and Chiwan Port belong to China Merchants Port, and the container throughput in 2019 will reach 10.81 million TEU. Yantian Port, China Merchants Port and Guangzhou Port Group, which belong to the three major groups, have obvious positions on the maritime alliance routes. In the "Implementation Plan for Promoting the Adjustment of Transport Structure in Guangdong Province" issued in March 2019, Shenzhen Port was positioned as a national foreign trade container trunk port. From this point of view, the positioning of container transport hubs in Shenzhen ports in the future will be further strengthened.

In addition, Hong Kong Port, as an established world shipping center, still has 11 calling routes in the face of falling throughput. Overall, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has obvious advantages in foreign trade container transportation. If coordinated development can be achieved in the future, the port container throughput of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area may be further improved.

In other regions of Asia, Singapore, Klang, and Busan ports are also densely routed 18 times, 14 times, and 10 times respectively.

In the Americas, the ports with a high number of calls are New York (7 times), Savannah (7 times), Los Angeles (6 times), and Oakland (5 times).

The ports with denser call routes in Europe are Rotterdam (8 times), Hamburg (5 times), and Antwerp (5 times).

COSCO SHIPPING's Piraeus Port also has 5 calling routes. At the same time, COSCO SHIPPING also stated that it will further improve its service network coverage in the Mediterranean region by increasing the layout of the branch line via Piraeus Port. And China-Europe land and sea express service.

The liner company's choice of port is to consider the location conditions, infrastructure and the ability to quickly evacuate a large number of containers to the hinterland. The second is to consider the cooperation between the port and the liner company. Become the first choice of its anchor. The port circle believes that "hub" means connection. To become an international container hub port, it is necessary to cooperate and connect with all parties in the global port and shipping industry chain more extensively and more yuan.

(Source: Port Circle, Foreign Trade Information)

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