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The UK's two largest ports have been congested for a long time,the goods may continue to be dela

  • Author:James
  • Source:Hong Kong Shipping
  • Release Date:2018-10-12
Britain's two largest container portsFelixstowe(Felixstowe) andSouthampton(Southampton) Due to long-term congestion, more and more ocean carriers have been diverted, which has led to confusion in the domestic supply chain.

The implementation of the new terminal operating system in Felixstowe in June is undoubtedly the catalyst for current congestion, and the UK transportation industry is estimated to lack at least 75,000 drivers.

Some carriers said he was "very worried" about his company's ability to cover all contract work during the busy peak season this year.

"The driver can't be found at all," he said. "And now there are drivers retiring every month"

Container shipping services serving the UK are trying to push shippers to use merchant shipping, but if they sign a contract to pay for the shipping costs of the container, they will provide the importer with various additional costs.

For example, Mediterranean Shipping told some customers that they would charge an additional £20 for line transportation, allegedly to “pay for additional transportation units”.

Current congestion can result in thousands of boxes falling in another port, as delays in shipments can lead to weeks of delays.

Due to the deteriorating traffic congestion in Southampton, ONE told its customers last weekend that the 20,180 TEU “MOL Truth” will no longer be imported at the South Coast port on October 4, but will be unloaded at the London Gateway.

In a statement sent to Loadstar earlier, DP World Southampton confirmed that the "MOL Truth" will unload its imported products at the London Gateway, but the ship will still be loaded at Southampton in the future.

It said: "DP World has a unique advantage in the UK, providing shipping companies and cargo owners with a dual port strategy. Both ports can support each other, ensuring greater certainty and flexibility in the UK supply chain."

The terminal operator issued a "dock alert" on September 27 to inform its ship and land productivity that it was affected by "very high levels of stacking". (that is, the port is not capable of transporting goods)

DP World Southampton called on its shipping company's customers to ship their empty containers; without consulting, stop using the port to transport empty equipment and not to unload containers at their ports.

At the same time, the problems faced by British importers have emerged: Ocean Alliance Airlines today indicated to cargo owners that the 20,388 TEU "Ever Goods", which is scheduled to arrive in Felixstowe on October 6, will be transferred to Rotterdam.

However, for UK exporters who have booked the “Ever Goods” number, there is no substitute for the boat nomination, so there may be a long delay before shipment.

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