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Battery cargo for air transport knowledge

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-08-22
What is the battery cargo that our international freight talks about? What should be noted about battery cargo airlift?
Today's editor will take you to analyze the battery cargo airlift note.

Know the type of battery:

Battery cargo transport type code & amp; United Nations Dangerous Goods Classification(UN)

Lithium-ion batteries -- recyclable(PI 965) -- UN 3480
Lithium-ion batteries -- kit(PI 966) -- UN 3481
Lithium-ion batteries -- built-in(PI 967) -- UN 3481
Lithium metal batteries-non-rechargeable(PI 968)-UN 3090-prone to fire, Hong Kong's Aviation Department basically does not pick up

Lithium metal batteries -- kit(PI 969) -- UN 3091
Lithium metal batteries -- built-in(PI 970) -- UN 3091
Air free, sea free, international Express, broker
air freight, sea frieght ,international express ,broker
Battery package requirements:
Basic packaging requirements: PI 965 and PI 968 prevent short circuits, other types of batteries have devices to prevent accidental operations-switches

1, pure lithium battery: not more than 100Wh /, cardboard box packaging, not more than 10KG/box, each box specifications and weight are consistent,

Single battery insulated packaging, each layer of paper skin is separated, the interior can not be shaken, the packaging passes the 1.2 meter drop test, and the outer box is affixed with a 3 label on the same side.

The single-sided size can not be less than 30cm, because the smallest battery label is also 10CM, and the 24-hour emergency contact information is affixed after the call.

2, built-in battery: not more than 100 Wh /, outside the box with a battery label can be

3, supporting batteries: not more than 100 Wh /, the goods can be assembled on the spot, the outer box affixed with the corresponding battery label

4, dry battery: Insulate
d packaging on the line, the battery printed with complete battery parameters, not more than 100 Wh /, the outer box can not be labeled battery

air freight, sea frieght ,international express ,broker
Battery cargo transport requirements:
Honest declaration of battery type capacity power, a single power not exceeding 100WH Most Hong Kong passenger aircraft are acceptable, according to Hong Kong civil aviation regulations, pure battery/mobile power/battery cargo with power exceeding 100W is produced as DG cargo, The entire cargo plane must be used for transportation.
Battery power calculation formula: Example: Battery voltage 3.7 V, 1200 mA = 3.7 * 1200 / 1000 = 4.44 watts. Hours(Wh)
Battery power is calculated in Watt. Hours(Wh) = 1000mAh mA = 1Ah(ampeh. Hours)
Watt. Hours(Wh) calculation formula = voltage(Volt) *. Ampere. Hours(Ah)
Battery cargo documentation requires:
Battery file for air transportation: MSDS for batteries: Chemical Safety Statement(Material Safety Data Sheet)
Inspection report UN 38.3: Testing standards developed for the transport of battery cargo
Non-dangerous goods warranty
After reading the knowledge of battery cargo transportation, is there a new insight into battery cargo?
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