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The police released four typical economic fraud methods

  • Author:RITA
  • Release Date:2018-07-27
Since 2012, the use of fake identity for fraud has disappeared. However, illegal criminals in the country are constantly changing the scams. The means are more concealed and deceptive, and the market operators cannot defend themselves.

The first is the "collective shackles" scam. This kind of fraud uses the small value of ordering, the business owner is numb and careless, and adopts the order of small-sized goods to a number of business households, and finally “collects the shackles” to achieve the criminal purpose of defrauding a large amount of goods.

The second is the "large proportion of payment" fraud. This type of scam is to obtain the trust of the business owner by paying a 30% or higher rating, and escaping from the country with the goods and bill of lading removed. For example, in the case of the Milan Trade Company's escape case, two Egyptian foreign businessmen purchased 570 million yuan of goods from more than 50 business operators from December 2015 to March 2016, and paid more than 2 million yuan in payment, after 2016. At the end of April, in the case of unpaid payment of more than 370 million yuan, all orders and bills of lading were taken out of the container.

The third is “fast shipping of high-value cargo air transport”. For example, the recently disposed KK trading company has attempted to achieve the purpose of fraud, and at any cost, attempted to quickly ship more than 1 million yuan of high-value jewelry purchased by air.

The fourth is to establish a legal company and swindle with a legal coat for foreign trade procurement.

The police released four typical economic fraud methods