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Sunny Worldwide logisitcs Second Quarter Summary and Third Quarter Plan

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-07-18
The days ended silently, and many of the guys were sighing and busy for half a year. I hope to throw bad things in the past,

  Bringing good things to the future, and summing up is for better progress.

   Next Sunny Worldwide logistics The small series of logistics for everyone to share the logistics department talents, talented women in the summary of the classic quotations:

   Michael: Since you have chosen to do business and choose a challenge, you must work hard to be the person on the stage, at least the one who has been on the stage, I don’t care where you are from the stage. far.
   Jack: How to maintain it for a long time? From the heart, we must cherish and respect the guests. The guests are the god of wealth. The root of performance is the guests; from the action, we must provide good services.
   Let the guest rely on your service, from my air passengers to provide a stable class and guaranteed transport timeliness.
  And try to meet the reasonable requirements of the factory, do not care too much, don't be afraid of losing money, reach out when people need your help, people will think of you when there are good things.

   Star: As long as you work hard and do it yourself, you will not leave regrets. Even if the final result is not as expected, you will not regret it. Every single order cannot guarantee a certain deal but it will be taken seriously.
   Jolie: The truth that never dies in the world, believe, persist, and persist, victory belongs to you!
   Luna: If you want to ask a question, think more about it. Don't take it for granted.

   Tina: Although the process is cumbersome, it can reduce the occurrence of problems. It is convenient for the team to cooperate with others.

   Lily: Do not be ashamed to ask in the work, ask more and learn more to make better progress.

   Rebecca: Customers have customers' difficulties. Just find the customer's problems and help them solve the problems. I believe that the customers will definitely not give up on me.

   Rita: In the future, this business will face various problems, and can only continuously increase its professional knowledge, experience, etc.

   Use your own thinking, rationality to solve problems, and constantly let yourself grow, regardless of work or life.

   In 2018, the blueprint has been drawn, the goal has been clear, and the drums have already sounded. I believe that under the guidance of the spirit of this meeting,

  All Sunny Worldwide logisticsfamily members will be able to integrate into the company with more full enthusiasm, and work hard to create a new glory in the network library business.!

  In the second half of 2018, all employees of Sunny Worldwide logisticswill be dressed up, innovate, struggle, and climb the peak!

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