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The difference between an airport cargo plane and a passenger plane

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  • Release Date:2018-08-31
Today, to the knowledge sharing link, today Sunny Worldwide logistics Co., Ltd., with everyone under the popular science under the cargo and passenger aircraft difference.

With the development of the times, flying is no longer a rare thing. Now aircraft routes all over the world, the United States and Canada routes, the Mediterranean route and so on.

In general, there are usually two ways to air cargo. One is to air cargo cargo and the other is to use passenger aircraft to carry cargo. Each airline has
more or less cargo aircraft and passenger aircraft, flying around the world,
acting as a Porter for the aviation industry, accelerating the transportation of goods and promoting the process of globalization.
So what do cargo planes and passenger planes look like in the eyes of air freight forwarders? Today we go into the world of cargo and passenger planes
Passenger aircraft: As the name implies, it is an aircraft that is completely used to carry passengers, that is, our usual flight.

The difference between airport cargo aircraft and passenger aircraft:

Sometimes the passenger aircraft also owns the aircraft warehouse, but due to space restrictions, the warehouse is only about 150 cubic meters, but it is mainly used to check baggage and transport small pieces of cargo.

Cargo aircraft: Transport aircraft used to carry cargo, and cargo aircraft usually refer specifically to civilian cargo aircraft used for commercial flights.
Type of cargo aircraft:

1. It is a cargo aircraft at the time of manufacture.

2. Cargo aircraft converted from passenger aircraft. Removal of seats and onboard service facilities such as kitchens and installation of cargo compartments such as sliding rails will become cargo aircraft.

At present, there are very few civilian aircraft specially designed for cargo transportation. Most cargo aircraft are converted from retired passenger aircraft, such as many cargo aircraft operated by large cargo companies such as FedEx Express, UPS, and DHL Cargo.

3. Passenger and cargo aircraft. The first half is for passengers and the second half is the cargo hold.

What's the difference between a passenger plane and a cargo plane?

First difference:
The passenger aircraft can walk small cargo. These small aircraft are not large enough in the cargo hold to remove the luggage of some passengers.

Therefore, each flight can probably only load about 2000 KG-3000 KG of cargo. Since the size of the cargo door is about 120CM * 100CM,

Therefore, it is only suitable for goods with a size of less than 120 X100x100CM and a single weight of not more than 80KG.

Cargo planes can pick up large cargo. The characteristics of such aircraft are that the cargo is loaded with assemblers(the goods are first loaded on an alloy box or a alloy plate before loading the box and board into the aircraft. ),

Due to the large size of such aircraft, the capacity of the cargo compartment has also increased considerably, ranging from more than a dozen tons to more than 100 tons of cargo.

Difference two:

The design of the hatch is very different.

The passenger plane has more boarding doors and escape doors,

The cargo aircraft is equipped with fewer boarding Gates. Instead, it is replaced by larger cargo doors, which are distributed in the front and rear cargo compartments and the lower cargo compartments. The height of these doors is more than 2 meters and the width is more than 3 meters. For loading cargo.

Difference number three:

Passenger aircraft cargo transportation mode, using baggage trailers to transport checked baggage from the terminal building to the apron, and then baggage transfer to carry luggage on the aircraft,

Luggage trailers will be transported through the security check baggage to the apron work area, ground staff through the conveyor belt to transport luggage to the cargo compartment and fixed

The entire cabin of the cargo aircraft is used to store the cargo, so it is different from the passenger aircraft in terms of loading.

The cargo load of the cargo aircraft mainly uses lift platform vehicles.

After transporting the cargo to the height of the hatch, the roller on the platform will carry the cargo into the cabin of the aircraft.

Lift platform car

The difference between an airport cargo plane and a passenger aircraft

A guide wheel roller used to deliver goods

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