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It's completely messy!The two freight ships and a destroyer were attacked again!The cargo ship i

  • Release Date:2024-06-18
On the evening of the 16th local time, Ye Haiya Saria, a Hussean armed military spokesman, delivered a speech saying that the Hussean armed forces launched three attacks.The first attack was an American destroyer on the Red Sea through missiles.The second time she attacked the "Captain Paris" cargo ship through the missile.The third time was in the Arabian Sea to attack the "Happy Condor" cargo wheel through the drone.

According to foreign media reports, the crew of the "MV TUTOR" cargo ship that was severely damaged by Yemenhota was severely damaged on June 12, and the crew on the cargo ship of the cargo ship had abandoned the ship to evacuate. At present, the ship has been abandoned and is drifting on the Red Sea.The US Central Command also stated on the 14th that the ship crew had abandoned the ship and the cargo ship was slowly entering the water.After the attack, a seafarer disappeared.

Ye Hailia also said that the Houthi armed forces will continue to launch relevant military operations to support the Palestinian people.Until stopping the aggression operation of Palestine, the blockade of the Palestinian people would not stop related military operations.

In just a few days, more than 10 ships were attacked, causing the ship's fire damage to the crew injury and disappearance.It is expected that in the future for a long time, as long as the conflict in the Gaza area is not over, the conflict of the Red Sea region will not end, and the Houthi armed forces will not end.

Price increase in July!The head ship company announced that the freight of these routes continued to rise
A wave of waves of "price increase".Recently, ship companies such as Masky, Herbert, Dafei and other ship companies have issued announcements to continue to announce the collection of FAK, PSS, etc., involving the European, American lines, the Middle East Red Sea Pass, Southeast Asia and other routes.Elastic

Herbelot collects PSS from the Far East to India's subcontinent!Herbert issued an announcement that the peak season surcharge PSS will be transported from the Far East to India (India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc.).From July 1, 2024, until another notice.Toll standards: $ 500 per 20 feet container, $ 1,000 per 40 feet container.Details are as follows:

The CMA's peak surcharge PSS from Asia to the Middle East, the Red Sea, and India's subcontinent!The CMA issued a notice, from June 20, 2024 (Date of Launch) to another notice, from all ports in Asia, to the Middle East Bay, Red Sea and India's subcontinent.Box (all types) $ 1,000, $ 2,000 per 40 feet of dry boxes and refrigerated boxes (all types).

CMA's peak season surcharges from Asia to the United States!The notice issued by the CMA before, from July 1, 2024 (Date of Delivery) to another notice, from Asia (including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Macau Macau Special Administrative Region, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Japan) to the peak season of the USFees PSS.Style type: dry box/high box/refrigerated box/loose grocery

Toll standards: $ 2160 per 20 feet box, $ 2,400 per 40 feet dry box/high box/refrigerator, $ 3040 per 45 feet box, $ 3,840 per 53 feet box.