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Iran's Anti-nuclear Sanctions Have New Actions - Reopening Nuclear Power Plants

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-06-29

   Get up today and open WeChat to see others send "IranThe circle of friends who stayed up, Xiao Bian rushed to open the international news. It turned out that the Iranian nuclear sanctions had made new progress.

  On the 27th, Iran announced the restart of a nuclear power plant that had been shut down for nine years. The Iranian nuclear energy agency subsequently confirmed that the order was issued by Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei.

According to reports from Russia today, after President Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Iranian nuclear agreement and threatened his allies to stop importing Iranian oil, Iranian President Rohani expressed on June 27 that he would oppose US sanctions and would “make the United States surrender”. Ruhani said, "We will face problems and we will be under pressure, but we will never sacrifice our independent rights."

   Since the Iranian nuclear sanctions incident, they have had various degrees of impact on our logistics and foreign trade industries.

   Maersk Tankers, owned by Maersk Group, will abandon its existing Iranian contract and shelve its business in Iran before the United States withdraws from the Iranian nuclear agreement in November this year!
   During the implementation of the sanctions, my Iranian client told us that from March 2017, Iran will deny US dollars in foreign exchange transactions and financial reports, and choose a new currency or use a combination of foreign currencies instead.
   This means that we can do business with Iranian customers by paying in renminbi or through other countries' remittances, but this will be more troublesome.
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   It is reported that since U.S. President Trump unilaterally announced his withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement last month, Iran has extended a helping hand to the European countries and hopes to do its utmost to save the nuclear agreement. Iranian President Rohani recently sent a letter warning European leaders that the time limit for the rescue of the Iranian nuclear agreement is coming soon. The leaders of the three countries, Britain, France and Germany, also issued a joint statement, saying that every effort will be made to salvage the agreement.

   We hereby remind all foreign traders that the goods exported to the sanctioned areas must be completely in their hands, with particular attention to export agents. Do not touch the sanctioned product or related sensitive parts.

   For more information on logistics, please contact sunnyworld logistics.

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