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Interpretation of the opening time, interception time, interception time, and intercepting time stri

  • Release Date:2024-01-09
1. Open cabin time

After the opening time, after the owner of the cargo owner, the ship company will put S/O to the cargo owner, which specifically states the various dates, so that the owner can arrange the cabinet to load the cargo.The opening time refers to the earliest time when the air cabinet can be lifted. If it does not reach the opening time, the empty cabinet cannot be extracted from the specified location of the dock or shipping company.

2. Termination time

The time for cut -off materials, also known as the interception time, the English is Si Cut OFF TIME, which is the latest time for the shipper to submit the information required for the production bill of lading to the shipping company.That is, the last time the shipping company changes the format format. Before that, the format format and data can be modified multiple times. After this, the bill of lading modification will generate a change fee. There is no standard at this time. Each ship company is different. Some are opened.On the boat day, some are within one week after the ship.If you cannot submit the bill of lading to the ship company in time at this time, you can apply to the shipping company to apply for Si Late COME, that is, applying for an extended cutting time. Generally, the shipping company will extend the shipper for several hours.

S/I Closing is a special requirement of the US line, which is different from other routes.The freight forwarder must report the goods such as the cargo to the carrier 48 hours before the ship was opened.The carrier must submit the cargo information to the US customs through the AMS system 24 hours before opening the ship, and must provide the American customs with the real cargo owner and consignee.

AMS-AMSRICA Manifest System --- US warehouse receipt system, also known as counter-terrorism compartment fee, information fee.The imported from the United States (all parts of the world) needs to provide this data, which is provided to the US customs, including specific wool parts, real shippers, Chinese and English names.It is generally required to be completed the day before the intercept.

3. Terminal time

The cut -off time includes a dock interception cabinet time and interception line time

A. The time of interception in Hong Kong, English is closing time, which is the time for the pier to cut off the cabinet.(That is to say, the time to return the counter after installing the counter) It means that after this time, the ship company will no longer arrange this time on the cabinet, that is, the heavy cabinet can not be handed to the dock, let alonePass the boat.

B. Tripstarial bars refer to the latest time when the shipping company accepts the customs of the customs (the latest is usually within six hours after the closet, this is the buffer time).The goods must do a good job of customs clearance before this time, and submit customs release strips to the ship company.After this time, the shipping company will not accept the release bar of the cargo, and the goods will not be available on the voyage.

1) Putting strip is a release voucher given by the customs after release.After this time, the customs release strip will be submitted. The shipping company will depend on the goods that the goods fail to clear the customs and leave the ship.At this time, even if the heavy cabinet has returned to the pier, it can only be extended to the off -work boat; of course, this will incur a small fee, including the billing fee, the leasing of the yard, and the document fee.

2) If the customs clearance on the day, the customs check -in rate of customs clearance on the day is very high. Generally, the experienced freight forwarder will recommend that the shipper will delay the next ship's customs declaration in this case, otherwise the check will be checked.Cabinet fees, change the fare of the ship, the cost of renting the cabinet for half a day.

3) If you can't keep up with the interception time, you can also apply for Cy Latecom to the shipping company in advance, and the shipping company may allow heavy cabinets to pay for several hours late.But sometimes the shipping company does not agree to extend the time to the shipper.After returning the cabinet in Shenzhen, there must be a heavy cabinet paper to arrange customs declaration.It is best to re -re -weighted the cabinet for more than half a day to more than a day before the dredge cabinet.The order is the duplicate cabinet, interception, and interception strip.

4. Customs cut off time

It is the dated of the last shiplink order (commonly known as the release bar) given by the ship company!A few hours before the ship opened, the station receipts that began to organize customs clearance are prepared to prepare the ship!This time is also cut off!

It is like going to take a train and cutting the cabinet, which is equivalent to the time as of checking the tickets to enter the station. The bars are intercepted, which is equivalent to the time of the train flight attendant's deadline for the train to get on the train.