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Indonesia's sea oil leaks cause fire

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-04-03
  March 31, east of Kalimantan,IndonesiaAn oil spill in the waters near Balikpanan triggered a fire incident that caused at least 2 deaths.

According to media reports, oil spills from the waters of the harbor were from Chevron Terminal instead of tankers. The fire was very fierce, with heavy smoke and a height of almost 2,000 meters. Residents on the shore said that smoke can be seen very far away and the smell of fire is obvious.

Further news later said that a bulk carrier “EVER JUDGER” anchored in the water was caught in the fire, probably because of the spread of fire on the surface of the boat.

This bulk carrier “EVER JUDGER” was built in 2014. It has a Panama flag, 229 meters long, 32 meters wide and 82,000 tons deadweight.

The news further pointed out that all crew members of the “EVER JUDGER” bulk carrier are Chinese. Fortunately, they have all been evacuated. The local tugboat is trying to use seawater to cool the freighter and prevent it from burning.

According to local officials, "EVER JUDGER" had already completed the loading and was preparing to leave Hong Kong. The vessel has more than 70,000 tons of coal.

According to local officials, there is a clear correlation between fire homes and diesel burning on the surface. Salvage tugs work hard to prevent the spread of fire to the ship's cargo holds. The fierce fire lasted for about one hour and was successfully extinguished around 12 noon local time.

According to the latest news, the onshore refinery issued a statement at a press conference that the burning oil spill was not from the refinery, and the samples tested were heavy oil or other marine fuel.

The local media quoted experts as saying that the fire was probably caused by the fishermen on the fishing boat throwing cigarette butts and inadvertently igniting the oil spills floating on the surface of the water.