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In the logistics industry, a number will make you lose your big customers

  • Author:Lian
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2023-05-23
The details determine the success or failure, just a number, because of the wrong number, Logistics A lost the big customer of TOM.

Tom is a purchaser of a Philippine company. He often has close cooperation with Chinese companies. He entrusted the international logistics A company to transport a group of Chinese goods to the Philippines.Number of phone numbers.International Logistics A did not find this error in time. Due to the wrong number, the goods could not be delivered in time.This has caused the goods to toss repeatedly for a long time, TOM's production plan has been seriously affected, and the amount of losses exceeds one million US dollars.

International logistics companies must attach great importance to each order to ensure that each detail is properly handled to improve customer satisfaction and trust.At the same time, international logistics companies should also strengthen training and management of employees, improve employees' professional quality and sense of responsibility, and avoid similar incidents.Only in this way can we provide customers with more high -quality, efficient and reliable logistics services.

Of course, after experiencing this incident, Tom deeply realized that it was really important to find a reliable international logistics freight agent. Through the introduction of friends around me, TOM found Sunny Worldwide Logistics.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics also has a colleague of business department Jim received a praise from the customer Jack. Jack wrote a long paragraph. You can feel the joy of receiving the goods through the screen, and we are also happy for Jack.Among them, Jack pointed out very much for Jim. Each time it updates the status of the cargo, the photos and videos of the past are clear, and the obtaining address numbers are accurate. The goods reach the destination in advance than expected.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics is a very professional international logistics company. It has more than 20 years of international logistics experience in international logistics and is even more advantageous in international logistics.

First of all, Sunny Worldwide Logistics has a comprehensive international logistics network, covering major ports and routes around the world.Whether it is shipping, air transportation, or land transportation, it can provide fast, safe and reliable logistics services.

Secondly, Sunny Worldwide Logistics pays great attention to details in international logistics.You can formulate a personalized logistics solution according to the needs of customers to ensure that every detail is properly handled.For example, we will repeatedly check the information of the goods to ensure the correctness of the goods and avoid being unable to send it. At the same time, we will also conduct strict quality testing of the goods to ensure that the goods meet relevant standards and requirements.

In the end, Sunny Worldwide Logistics also pays great attention to customer experience in international logistics.Adhering to the service concept of "customer first" and provide customers with high -quality, efficient and intimate services.Regardless of the formulation of logistics solutions, the tracking of goods, or after -sales service, it will be thoughtful for customers, so that customers can feel the majors and thoughtfulness of Sunny Worldwide Logistics.

If you need international logistics services, you may wish to choose Sunny Worldwide Logistics, which will make you feel professional, peace of mind, and assured.