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Important reminder! From August 1st, the customs commodity code will change to 13 places!

  • Author:James
  • Source:Hong Kong Shipping
  • Release Date:2018-07-13
After the customs inspection and integration, from August 1st, there will be a major change in the new customs declaration to be implemented. All foreign trade and freight forwarders must understand and inform each other!

That is, the product code on the customs declaration should become 13 digits!

What is the 13-digit product code? I don't know how to fill it out? Let me explain it to you now!

Easy to understand 13-digit product code

As we all know, the commodity code we filled in on the previous customs declaration is 8 or 10 digits. What is the extra 3-digit code this time? Very simple, that is, after the integration of customs inspection, in order to achieve a customs declaration, at the same time to complete customs declaration and inspection work, it is necessary to add inspection and quarantine codes to the customs commodity code, such as 999, 666, 101, 110, etc.!

According to the official interpretation of the customs, the top 8 are the codes determined by the Import and Export Tariff of the People's Republic of China and the Catalogue of Customs Statistical Commodities of the People's Republic of China; 9 and 10 are supervised additional numbers, and 11-13 are additional numbers for inspection and quarantine.

In fact, the meaning of the 13-digit number is not complicated. The original number of the inspectors is the most familiar. However, most of the customs brokers do not have the inspection and declaration business at the same time, so some customs brokers are not familiar with it. These 3 fields.

How to check the inspection and quarantine additional number?

Very simple, you can check the inspection and quarantine additional number through the official website of the Commodity Inspection Bureau.

You can click here to visit this website..

Enter the original 8-digit, 10-digit customs code, and you will jump out of the corresponding 13-digit CIQ new code! See the picture below, the last 3 digits are 999

of. After the official opening of the new customs declaration form, the application for inspection will officially withdraw from the historical stage, and the new 13-digit code will be selected in the interface of the declaration declaration. Please don't worry about the CIQ coded query. After the single window is changed, the 13-digit code will automatically jump out and check.