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Implementation of over-limit re-regulations in multiple places, fines for containers or road trips

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  • Release Date:2019-12-19
On December 16, many provinces across the country adhered to the principles of “must-check for trucks, prohibition of overruns, investigation of violations, and enforcement according to law” and officially launched freeway entrance weighing tests. Illegal and overloaded freight vehicles will not be able to enter the freeway. Prior to this, some provinces and cities across the country have begun to implement this new regulation.

According to the "Regulations on the Management of Highways Exceeding the Limit of Transport Vehicles" (Order of the Ministry of Transport, No. 62, 2016), the total mass of the two-axle trucks exceeds 18,000 kg; and the total mass of the three-axle trucks exceeds 25,000 kg; Three-axle automobile trains with a total mass of more than 27,000 kilograms; four-axle trucks with a total mass of more than 31,000 kilograms; four-axle automobile trains with a total mass of more than 36,000 kilograms; five-axle automobile trains with a total mass of goods and cargo The mass exceeds 43,000 kilograms; the total mass of cargoes of six-axle and above-vehicle trains exceeds 49,000 kilograms, of which the drive shaft of the tractor is a single axle, and the total mass of cargoes of more than 46,000 kilograms is considered to be overweight.

Judging from the current situation, it is mainly overweight management, but some provinces also have overgovernment control. According to readers, vehicles at the Wuhan North Expressway are prohibited from entering the highway at a height of more than 4 meters.

North Hubei restricts trucks over 4 meters from high speed

Based on the height of the container, we can perform a simple calculation:

40GP case: 2.6M (height of the case) + 1.32M (height of the saddle from the ground) = 3.92M (barely pass)

40HQ box: 2.9M (box height) + 1.32M (saddle height from the ground) = 4.22M (super high!)

45HQ box: 2.9M (height of the box) + 1.32M (height of the saddle from the ground) = 4.22M (super high!)

If the clearance between the upper frame and the traction pin is added, and the total ground clearance is about 1.55 meters, 2.6M + 1.55M = 4.15M, then not only the 40HQ and 45HQ boxes are included in the ultra-high range, but the 40GP boxes are also Can't escape being fined. This means that as long as the over-limit order is strictly implemented, the 40GP, 40HQ, and 45HQ boxes running on the road every day will be super high and they will be fined on the road.

According to another report, on October 10, a rollover accident occurred on the bridge deck of Xigang Road on Wugang Section of National Highway 312, which killed 3 people. According to the accident investigation results released by the Ministry of Transport, the preliminary analysis of the cause of the accident was that the semi-trailer tractor was severely overloaded and caused the bridge to roll over.

After the accident, it caused a lot of attention. Many provinces and cities immediately started the operation of supervising the superintendent, saying that they would improve the "non-stop overrun detection" system and supervise supervising from the source.

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