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How to own a VIP client -- Sunny Business School Training

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-08-04
Many small partners in foreign trade do not know how to have VIP customers.

Today, Michaal, the talent of Sunny world logistics., has trained you on how to have VIP customers.

Let the little editor summarize your thoughts.

Question number one: What is a VIP customer first?
VIP customers:

In short, what we call a large customer is a customer who can contribute to our high profit orders.

Question number two, why do other people have VIP clients and you don't?

If we do not have a real understanding and understanding of VIP customers, do not understand what VIP customers really mean to us?

Then the VIP client is just a concept for you. It is difficult for you to really value it, and you will lack the will, enthusiasm, motivation, and confidence to develop VIP customers.

This is usually the case. When it comes to VIP customers, the admiration of colleagues who have VIP customers is overflowing with words. After 1 minute of envy,

Back to their work, or no organization, no ideas, continue to drown in their own daily trivial, no priority in the vicious circle.

This is our perception of VIP customers or stay in the concept, you subconsciously is to magnify the elements of luck, and even feel that VIP customers are far away from me, not so easy to encounter, so blindly passive waiting.
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If you understand that VIP customers mean to us that the time and energy we invest is proportional to our return, even if the return exceeds or doubles our contribution.

Analyze client tips:

1. Don't be anxious to quote, knowing that you are not in danger. Make sure to communicate and interact with your customers before you quote.

Because you need some basis for analyzing your client, but interaction also keeps the conversation going, and you come and go with the questions,

At the same time do not forget to release some valuable information to customers to guide customers. Our communication is a valuable exchange of information, but no,

Don't let the customer come up, one problem after another, one problem after another, one game after another,

the customer does not receive any valuable information to him, so it is easy to talk about the day.

2. It's important to analyze your customers because you only get one chance to position your customers if they are really VIP customers.

The first time you make a big offer, it determines the customer's position: First, as your VIP customer, you make a deal. Second,

you make a VIP customer a very mediocre customer.

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