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How to deal with the abandonment of Sunny worlwide logistics Knowledge Sharing

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-12-14
When We doInternational logistics,we often mention the abandonment of goods. In the end, what causes the abandonment?
How do we deal with the abandonment in the future?
Today, Xiaobian came to the science to abandon the knowledge of the goods.
1. Reasons for the occurrence of the abandonment
There are several reasons why no one picks up the goods at the port of destination (abandonment):
1. The consignor refuses to deliver the bill of lading to the consignee because he has not received the payment, so that the consignee cannot pick up the goods. In this case, it is obvious that the reason for the abandonment is the consignor;
2. The consignee refuses to pick up the goods due to the quality of the goods, market fluctuations, etc., especially under the condition that the FOB freight is paid. In this case, the reason for the abandonment is the consignee;
3, due to document data and data problems leading to customs clearance problems, unable to pick up properly
4, the delivery time is too long, resulting in serious delays in delivery, unable to pick up the goods on time, delay production.
5. The destination port cost is too high
6. Other trade disputes

2. How to deal with the destination port once it has been abandoned
1. The first news of the abandonment is generally confirmed from the carrier's convenience. Once the foreign customer confirms the abandonment of the goods, the carrier's foreign agent must first send a local abandonment operation method, because different countries, different products. Disposal methods and requirements are different.
2. The second need to find other buyers in the destination port as much as possible. If the value is not high, looking for other buyers in the local area can minimize the processing cost.
3. Third, if you can't find an alternative buyer, the local freight forwarder can't help the auction to offset the value, then you can only choose whether to return the shipment according to the value of the goods.
It should be noted that in some regions and countries, even if the consignee abandons the goods, if the consignor wants to return the goods, the consignee's written authorization is required. This is more difficult to do.
More often, the LCL shipments with lower sample values will not be shipped back.

Third, the cost of abandoned goods is charged
1. In the case of CIF
If the consignor does not send or transfer the bill of lading to the consignee, then the consignor is still the property owner. Then, if you hold the cargo right, you must bear the subsequent responsibilities and expenses. If the consignor transfers the bill of lading, it is no longer the holder of the property right, and generally does not need to bear the corresponding liability fee.
2. In the case of FOB
The consignee is the property owner and needs to bear the subsequent responsibilities and expenses.
If the consignee abandons the goods and refuses to bear the high cost of the port of destination, the consignor is responsible. If you return the shipment, you will also need to bear the costs incurred by the return shipment.

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