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How to break the logistics industry, the British EU impose a 25%tariff on steel products (China

  • Author:Lian
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2023-11-28
In 2021, the British after Brexit announced that the quota tariffs on imported steel continued to retain for three years.
In June 2023, the European Commission (referred to as the European Commission) submitted a statement to the World Trade Organization to confirm that it decided to extend the steel guarantee measures of 26 kinds of steel products to June 30, 2024.
So what steel products are there in China

Can enter the UK and the European Union, may encounter a quota tariff?

We can refer to the announcement issued by the European Commission in 2019. Among the 26 category of taxation products, the steel products of 16 categories of China in China were levied on tariffs on the guarantee measures of the EU, with a total of 179 customs taxes.

These 16 types of products include:
(1) Electrical Sheets (Other than Goes);
(2) Metallic coating sheets;
(3) Tin Mill Products;
(4) Stainless Hot Rolled Sheets and Strips;
(5) Stainless Hot Rolled Quarto Plates;
(6) Non Alloy and other alloy steel strips (NON alLoy and Other alloy Merchant Bars and Light Section);
(7) Stainless Wire Rod;
(9) Railway Material;
(10) Hollow Sections;
(11) Seamless steel tube and specifically (Seamless Stainless Tubes and Pipes);
(12) Other stainless steel pipes (Other Seamless Tubes);
(13) Large Welded Tubes;
(14) Other welded pipes (Other Welded Pipes);
(15) Non-AlLoy and Other Alloy Cold Finished Bars;;);
(16) Non AlLoy Wire.

The EU's tariffs on an increase of 25%of the steel industry in my country, which means that the market where steel exports to Europe will face severe challenges.In this context, the logistics transportation industry will also be affected.How to cope with this situation and improve the competitiveness of my country's steel industry has become a problem.Please follow us, we will bring you new industry dynamics and policy interpretation.
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