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How shall we loading due to the container weight limit in USA

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-12-03
As a foreign trader, logistics person. Basically no one has ever gone through the United States.
The weight limit of American roads is known to everyone, but there are many different ways to limit the weight of the whole cabinet.
How shall we loading due to the container weight limit in USA

The above are various cabinet types, corresponding to the limit value of the United States can load goods (pure goods, excluding cabinets).
The weight limit of the US road is for the weight limit of the car plus the cabinet. The weight limit is 80,000 lbs. The weight of the weight is limited, except for the tractor, the bracket and the weight of the cabinet. The car will sometimes have less weight, so we give the customer a weight limit. It is 20GP: 17.5T 40GP & HQ: 19.5T.
The above is the weight limit of the whole cabinet. Now let's look at the weight limit of each axis in the United States:
How shall we loading due to the container weight limit in USA
Recently we received a ticket, the whole container loading 19100KGS, was fined. Let’s take a look at the following  weighing list in USA
As shown in the overweight list, the overall weight of our cabinet is 75900LBS. The weight limit is 80000LBS and it is not overweight. However, the front axle axle weight and the rear axle axle weight are respectively limited to 34000LBS. We weigh the front axle weight 39080LBS and the rear axle weight 25280LBS.
The front axle is overweight and the penalty is caused.
What caused this? We looked at the loading diagram at the time and it was very clear:
How shall we loading due to the container weight limit in USA

Suppliers have always followed the T-type loading principle, fearing that they will fall down, and they will not be able to install the cabinet when they are behind, so fill the cabinet first. The latter is relatively empty. This results in the cabinet, the front of the cabinet is too heavy, and the back is relatively light.
Therefore, we recommend that the factory be installed in the factory as shown below. For cabinets that may be overweight, we need to spend more time to calculate how to install the cabinet. (If you are not sure, you can find us, Hongmingda, professional logistics people to help you :))

How shall we loading due to the container weight limit in USA

Overweight extension:
Therefore, for overweight, we should not only balance the weight of goods before and after, but also consider these issues.
If the load is unbalanced, it is highly probable that the cabinet will tilt or even fall. Rail transport Swinging Turn and turn the cabinet out.
Therefore, when we are doing trailers in China, we will ask you how much the goods are heavy. We will arrange the tractors corresponding to the horsepower to give you the factory. If your weight is not accurate, we will arrange for the trailer to arrive at your factory, which may delay your cabinet, resulting in emptying and increasing your logistics costs. If the trailer is too heavy, it will directly cause the front of the car to lift, and the vehicle can't open, so we don't recommend the tailing of the goods that are too heavy. If your cabinet is not balanced, it will be heavy. When the truck turns, the truck will tilt and even rollover and other traffic accidents.

The problem of weight limit in the United States is a problem that every foreign trader will face, but like the road in China, the search is not 100% met, but we should not report the luck, after all, safety is the first.