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How much do you know about International air transport to the door knowledge

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2019-03-12
With the prosperity of international trade and the increasingly developed logistics industry, the simple arrival-to-airport service has not met the needs of most customers.Sunny worldwide logisticsSimply share with you the little knowledge of air transport to the door.

1. Is it not for me to use air to the door?
The answer is definitely NO. The air-to-door service sends goods to the door as the name suggests, and the international trade is not like domestic express logistics. First of all, first confirm that you need to provide customs declaration materials to the professional freight forwarding company, provide accurate documents such as invoices, and select the appropriate time-priced flights. After the goods arrive at the destination country, the local agent will pay customs clearance and pick up the goods. Whether it is actual sales or quotation, it needs to be confirmed in advance. After paying the customs duty, you can send it to the door.

2. Is it all the cost of my air to door service?
Sorry, I still have to tell you NO. As mentioned above, whether the tariffs of the destination country are included in advance (most customers will choose to reimburse according to the customs tax code due to customs codes, etc.), if not included in the quotation, you must pay customs duties according to the customs tax bill. In addition, whether it is air transportation service or shipping service, there is a certain probability of encountering customs inspection. If the inspection is carried out, the inspection fee and other expenses incurred by the customs must be reported and sold.

3. I have already booked a flight. Will it arrive on time on time?
In 90% of the cases, the booking of the freight forwarding company has already been booked, and basically it will fly out on time, but it is worth reminding that if you are experiencing holidays such as China’s National Day, foreign holidays such as Christmas Before and after the holiday, or the bad weather of the origin and destination, it is normal for the flight to have certain delays. Generally, the delay will not exceed 3 days. The customer is God, but the airline is not Jesus, so you need your understanding. . However, if the normal working day is delayed more than 3 days, it is not normal.

The above three points should be the knowledge points of most foreign trade companies. Welcome foreign traders to accept, the logistics industry has a low threshold, and some of the freight forwarders are ambiguous and incomplete when they quote, the time service is chaotic, foreign trade friends especially The newcomer to the quotation thinks that the quotation is the all-inclusive price. Before the delivery, it finds a series of additional expenses. You can't ask the customer to ask for the fee. The customer asks for all in, which leads to the self-declaration of the pockets. It takes time and effort. Looking for Sunny worldwide logistics shipments, you have no worries.