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How can a plane crash self-rescue?

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-06-08

On June 8th, at 9:14 in the morning,China International AirlinesRespond to the smoke from Hong Kong-Beijing CA110 flight on official Weibo:

On June 7, Air China Hong Kong - Beijing CA110 flight, due to the occurrence of odor within the cabin shortly after take-off, the crew decided to return, the aircraft landed at the Hong Kong airport at 20:53. After inspection by the ground crew personnel system, it was confirmed that the failure of the air-conditioning components did not affect flight safety.

At 1:53 on June 8, the flight took off again and landed safely at the Capital Airport at 4:27.
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The failure caused a long delay to the flight and brought unpleasant feelings to passengers. Air China deeply apologized! Thank you very much for your support and understanding.

Recently, the domestic airlines are not very peaceful. The Sichuan Airlines flight 8633 was broken on the right glass, the autopilot console was obviously damaged, and some flight instruments were damaged.

It is not a miracle to land successfully with the experience of two pilots.

Although it is not very common for aircraft crashes to happen now, how can we save ourselves if there is a sudden situation?

1. Select a flight line with the least transfer and reduce the number of black 11 minutes.

2. After boarding the flight, look for the distance and route between your seat and the nearest emergency exit.

3. The "emergency exit" must be opened.

4. If the top of the head has heavy and hard luggage must be moved to the foot.

5. Maintain the most stable and secure position: Bent over, hold both hands under your knees, place your head on your knees, and stick your feet up to the floor.

6. When there is smoke in the cabin, make sure the head is at the lowest possible position. Because the smoke is always up, hold the breath drink to wet the towel or handkerchief, cover your mouth and nose before breathing, bend or crawl to Export.

7. When the cabin is "broken and decompressed," wear an oxygen mask immediately and wear it tightly, otherwise the oxygen in the alveoli of the respiratory air will be "sucked" out of the body. In order to increase the pressure and oxygen concentration in the cabin, the aircraft will immediately fall below the altitude of 3,000 meters. At this time, the safety belt must be fastened.

8. If the plane crashes over the ocean, immediately change to a life jacket.

9. When the plane falls, shout to yourself: "Don't be unconscious, be conscious! Excited!" and try your best to open your eyes. Use this "screaming" self-psychological stimuli to avoid "shocking."

10. When the plane crashes into the ground, it is necessary to unfasten the buckles of the seat belts and rush to the gap in the back of the cabin towards the outside world. Before the explosion of the fuel tank, it will escape the wreckage. Because the aircraft crashed into the ground, usually with the nose down, the fuel tank exploded after more than ten seconds. The spread of the fire took a few tens of seconds and spread from the nose to the tail.

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